What did the musketeers wear during the war?

The ladies will love this outfit.The color and front cross size of this version are the same as the original, which was Patented after the Uniform of a French Musketeer during the reign of King Lois XIV.All other details are the same.Black makes for a more striking contrast to the traditional blue color of the French Musketeers.

The Musketeer became famous under King Louis XIII of France.Alexander Dumas' series of novels were inspired by the company he kept as his personal guard."The Three Musketeers" is the most famous.Musketeers were excellent shots.Each time the Musket was fired, it had to be reloaded.The Musket was a limited weapon if the ranks were over run.The survival of the Musketeer depended on being an excellent swordsman.Those who raiment the Musketeer have an image of the best qualities in all men.

The Musketeer has a Poet shirt and a black hat.

The Musketeer has a standard shirt and a white off-white black hat.

The son of Louis XIII made some changes after his death.He also made a remake of the uniform tabard for his musketeers.Louis XIV had them wear a fencing vest and pants to match the tabard, instead of the traditional doublet with vented sleeves.This vest came to just above the knee, had full sleeves with cuff, but only a half-back.The pants were made of underwear.

Changes to the look of the military were instituted by King Louis XIV of France.The personal guard of king Louis was the Kings Musketeers.He wanted to update their dress to keep up with the times.Frock coats were worn by officers in the Kings Musketeers.Lieutenants wore a blue coat.

The Musketeer has a white off-white shirt and a black hat.

Depending on the preference of the wearer, either baggy or straight leg.There are two color variations for the Iron mask Musketeer or the historical Louis XIV version.Black should be worn with the Black Iron Mask version of the Musketeer.

The son of Louis XIII made some changes after his death.He wanted to change the uniform of his musketeers.The wings and collar were added to include fashionable features of the time.This tabard could be worn with either a Jabot or a dandy collar shirt.This is the uniform worn by the Musketeers during King Louis XIV's reign.

There is a lining.The captains wore all blue.They were trimmed in silver.The style of gentry frocks alone in the 16th century was typified by the triple vent backs of these coats.The Musketeer tabard was the standard fare for the enlisted men, but officers would wear them from time to time over their frocks.The most likely explanation is that in a battle, the officers would be harder to target.Both coats have suit fronts, shoulder pads, and functional pockets.There is no left breast symbol on any of the officer coats.

The Officer's Frock coat is 1 pc and the full uniform is 4 pc.

The Musketeer vest and pant were made of red and black.

This female version of the Ironmask outfit is patented after the Uniform of a French Musketeer during the reign of King Lois XIV.It has an under bust cut to accentuate the modesty.There are two sizes based on hight and a unique back strap to fit most waists.

There is a female Musketeer with a standard shirt and a Dandy shirt.

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