What disappointed you the most about visiting or living in Toronto

What disappointed you the most about visiting or living in Toronto

Lived in Toronto a few years while working on a contract.Had good memories of Toronto when visiting in my 20’s so thought I would enjoy it more than I did.Toronto used to be a collection of neighbourhoods, now it seems to be just more something a real estate developer dreamed up.

Most of my objections were more city vs country rather than Toronto itself.High cost of living – not just the real estate market, its things like paying for parking every time you go anywhere.And the temptation to eat out in Toronto is always beckoning.

Traffic and noise- Noise always there, traffic, ambulance sirens, just the hum of the city.Plus people have started to honk at each other all the time, unnecessary and my pet peeve.The Daily Grind – travelling during rush hour (seems to be like 3–7 pm) was stressful and I felt sorry for people who drove an hour to work each day or were jammed like sardines on the subway.

As cities go, Toronto is good but if work allows it I would choose to live somewhere like Barrie, Sudbury, or Kitchener.

Traffic and congestion have been increasing over the past few years as the population of the city increases due to the large number of new High-rise Condo buildings in the city.Toronto continues to be an attractive place to live for many new immigrants, but unfortunately as the laws of supply and demand dictate this has raised the cost of living substantially in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).Like many large North American cities, the cost of rent in Toronto is now very high and home prices have increased substantially so for many it is no longer an affordable city.

For those who purchased property before the real estate “boom” those families have had a major increase in their home values which is a positive attribute for many.

All the construction slowing down movement and creating so much noise.

Traffic gridlock and the lack of enough expressways.