What do pineapples mean on social media? You know what they say about pineapple.

According to a new report, pineapples have become a symbol of hope and camaraderie for couples trying to conceive via in-vivo fertilization.

According to The New York Times, pineapple emojis and #pineappletribe are used as a secret language of support on social media, and featured on branded fertility items like tracking planners and medication containers.”IVF Got This” is an online store that sells cards and T-shirts.

The doctor told the paper that most of her patients wear pineapple branded clothing to their medical appointments.

There is some science behind this connection.An extract from the stem of the fruit can reduce inflammation, which has been associated with reproductive disorders, according to a 2012 study.Tomer Singer told the New York Times that there was no evidence that consuming pineapple prior to an embryo transfer would improve implantation.

During October’s Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, the pineapple is one symbol that helps women cope with infertility and/or pregnancy loss.Parents use the nickname “rainbows” for their first child after a loss on social media.It is called a rainbow baby because it is beautiful after a storm and scary.Photos of babies produced by IVF have been memorialized online with artful IVF syringes and many honor their struggle with individual designs.

According to Lindsey Wimmer, executive director of the Star Legacy Foundation, these emblems help facilitate dialogue on a topic that is often stigmatized.She says it can be difficult to tell people that they are dealing with pregnancy issues.Is it easier to post a pineapple photo on Facebook?Absolutely.

The rainbow symbol in a birth announcement allows couples to share happy news while contextualizing how their new addition fits a family story paved with physical and emotional pain.It acknowledges the loss of an infant who may always feel like a family member and assures people of their beauty after a storm.

Wimmer told Yahoo Lifestyle that it can feel like the world is getting pregnant easily and delivering healthy babies.It is a false narrative that we perpetuate.Rarely do people post about how long it took to get pregnant and how scared they are.

It feels alienating to have reproductive issues.40 percent of women with infertility problems are affected by depression and anxiety, compared to fertile women, and women have claimed similar symptoms to those undergoing cancer.According to a study done in 2015, 47 percent of people who had miscarried experienced guilt, 41 percent felt they had done something wrong, and 28 percent were ashamed.

Wimmer tells Yahoo Lifestyle that women feel guilty when they know there are medical reasons for loss.We don’t have good talking points for these topics so they’re brushed off or discussed in religious tones.These events can cause people to question their faith in the first place.

The mother of a 9-month-old daughter, who underwent 18 fertility treatments, including 9 IVF procedures, says symbols are signals that build a community.The founder of the online magazine Pregnantish says that it can say, “I need others in my corner.”

An unsuccessful IVF procedure is painful because it depletes emotional and financial reserves.She says that the loss can add insult to injury.There is a feeling that I haven’t done enough.

In order to reach a network of people who understand one’s pain, a symbol can be posted online.A simple, “I’m sorry” is the most effective way to minimize your pain.

Wimmer hopes that symbols like the pineapple and rainbow can help pregnant women.She tells Yahoo Lifestyle that she had a great aunt who died from female cancer in the 1960s.I don’t know how she died because it was considered inappropriate to talk about female reproductive parts then.Today we have football players wearing pink ribbons.

Wimmer says that using designs to illustrate painful experiences can be a lifesaver.I hope they can break down barriers.

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