What do you need to run a hackathon?

What do you need to run a hackathon?

- What is a hackathon? - Pick the right venue. - Build the anticipation. - Set up judging criteria and choose your judges. - Order food and drinks. - Ensure you have the right equipment. - Allow for plenty of setup time and preparation. - Make sure things run smoothly.

How does a hackathon work?

A hackathon is a timed event in which teams made up of both technical and business experts get together to collaborate intensively on creative projects. The aim is to design, build and present the most innovative solution to a problem, and then pitch a final concept, prototype or presentation to the stakeholders.

How do you organize a hackathon at work?

- Choose a theme. A hackathon must have a theme. - Attend hackathons before you start planning. - It takes time to plan. - Find sponsors. - Book the venue. - Create a web presence. - Find participants. - Find the right judges.

How do you put together a hackathon?

- Turn it over to the individuals. If you think that this is a time for managers and executives to push their ideas or get extra work out employees, your hackathon will surely fail. - Define judging criteria. - Choose your judges wisely. - Make the hackathon fun. - Go all out for the final event.

How do you prepare for a hackathon?

- Find Teammates. The first essential thing surely is finding teammates, some hackathons require team application or priority will be given to teams. - Brainstorm for ideas. - Find References. - Research on the Company's Background. - Think about the purpose of joining.

How do you make a hackathon team?

- Start searching for teammates early. - Seek diversity in team members. - Assign roles based on core strengths. - Find people you gel with. - Find the message behind the hackathon.

What is a hackathon in business?

A hackathon is an event, a contest, primarily focused on competitive programming, but it's worth noting that the character of those contests became more flexible in the recent years. Its goal is to create projects, solutions, in a competitive environment in a limited time frame.

Why do companies do hackathons?

Some companies host hackathons as a means to attract technical talent and get innovative ideas. Others have internal hackathons that might break away from tradition by involving employees that don't have technical backgrounds.

How much does it cost to sponsor a hackathon?

Sponsoring a hackathon will cost anywhere from $500 to $50,000 depending on the prestige, size, and sponsorship level.Jul 2, 2019

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