What does the vision council mean by Z87.1 Certified?

The American National Standards Institute is a nonprofit organization.

Enhance the global competitiveness of U.S. business by promoting and facilitating voluntary consensus standards and conformity assessment systems.

Uniform testing standards and guidelines for a variety of products and equipment are created by the American National Standards Institute.

The standards for Occupational and Educational Personal Eye and Face Protection Devices are in the Z87.1 portion of the standards.The necessary protection from impact, non-ionizing radiation, and liquid splash exposures can be provided by personal eye and face protection devices.

The system is organized based on encountered hazard.The choice of safety eyewear depends on the protection needed for the specific hazard encountered in the workplace.The most dangerous are:

Product information and packaging is provided by most safety eyewear manufacturers.If they meet high-impact testing requirements, prescription safety glasses can be used.

Product performance has been the focus of past updates to the Z87.1 standard.They made it easier for users to choose the appropriate safety gear based on their environment.Issues related to emerging technologies were addressed in the 2015 update.

The Z87.1 2020 update addresses product innovations and continues the focus on product performance as well as harmonizes with ISEA standards.The standards underwent some changes since the 2015 update.

See the Z87.1 Eye and Face Protection Devices Standard for more information.The complete Z87.1-2020 Standard is needed for the full 2020 update.

Safety glasses are tested to make sure they protect eyes.The tests include:

An inside look at testing for high impact compliance is provided by Edge Eyewear.If you see how badly non-safety-rated eyewear fails these basic tests, you will want to purchase only ANSI-Z87.1 rated eyewear.

The Z87.1 standard requires easy to understand lens and frame markings.The markings listed below make the selection process simpler.

All safety markings for the American National Standards Institute Z87.1-2020 must be clearly marked on frames or lenses.There is a marking requirement that includes goggles and face shields.

The image above shows a pair of safety glasses.

It is possible to see safety eyewear with only Z87 or the manufacturer’s mark with a + stamped on the lens or frame.These products are still safe to use after the 2010 standard.They still meet high-velocity impact safety standards, but they don’t have updated product marking requirements.

Eye protection is important.Every day, workers in almost every industry are exposed to hazardous conditions that can cause serious eye injury.A mandatory eye protection program along with the proper safety eyewear based on the current safety standards helps ensure workers are protected.