What is a cutting edge technology?

What is a cutting edge technology?

Cutting-edge technology refers to technological devices, techniques or achievements that employ the most current and high-level IT developments; in other words, technology at the frontiers of knowledge. Leading and innovative IT industry organizations are often referred to as "cutting edge."25 feb 2019

What is the most cutting edge technology available today?

- Homomorphic Encryption. ... - 3D Multi-Sensor Transmitters. ... - Robotics. ... - IoT, 5G And Edge Computing. ... - At-Home Digital Diagnostics. ... - Conversational AI. ... - Augmented Reality. ... - Rapid Virus Testing.

What are some examples of cutting edge technology?

- Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality refers to the ability to overlay information on a live video feed of the world. ... - 3D Gaming. ... - 2D to 3D Converting Device. ... - Streaming Game Technology. ... - Social Television. ... - 3D Metal Printing. ... - Smart Cities. ... - Six –Core Processors.

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