What is a Mail Delivery Sub System Error?

I know I didn't send any messages, but I have been receiving "Mail Delivery Subsystem" messages for the past few weeks.I changed my password more than five times after I was told that my email account had been hacked and that I had to use a computer that was clean.

I'm happy to help you with your issue.Even if you are not sending mails, you will still get delivery errors.If your account has been compromised, it means that someone stole your password and may be using it to access your personal information, or you may receive a lot of bounced messages.

If you suspect that your account has been compromised, you already attempted to change your password and check your computer for a virus.The actions you can take are listed below.

Signing in to your Microsoft account from public computers can be dangerous.

I have deleted over 10,000 Mail Delivery Failure messages from my account and never heard of the domain which is sending them.

I will try to change my password again, but I think it's not a problem on my end or with my personal hotmail e-mail account.

I believe that there is something going on with Microsoft and Hotmail, which is allowing people to see your profile, and then they send bogus Mail Delivery Failure messages to stop you in your tracks.

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