What is aMoisture meter and how do it work

The air's ability to absorb water varies with the temperature.The higher the temperature, the more water the air can absorb.The relative humidity is expressed by the unit.

The temperature at which the relative humidity reaches 100 % is known as the dew point.

The percent age is the difference between the weight of water in damp material and its weight in dried material.The humidity quotient can be determined by weighing.The electrical properties of the wood can be measured using electronic moisture quotient meters.In concrete, the moisture quotient can be measured by drilling a hole, vacuum it clean, seal it and leave it to stand for a few days until it reaches equilibrium.You can measure it.

You know the absorption curve for the specific type of concrete because of the relative humidity in the drill hole.It is important to vacuum around the sensor and leave it to stand in the drill hole until it reaches equilibrium.The drill hole should rest for a while.48 hours before measuring so that the correct equilibrium can be achieved.Wait for at least half an hour after the sensor is inserted.

A pin meter is a device that uses an electrical current to measure the resistance of a pin.A pin meter is used to measure the humidity.Measure the wood's moisture further into the pins.You will need Teflon-insulated measuring pins.