What is gum tragacanth and how it is used in cake decorating?

There is a scientific name for a goat’s thorn, a green dragon, Gum tragacanth, and a hog gum.

There is no clinical data regarding tragacanth application.There hasn’t been a consistently demonstrated effect on the moderation of sugar levels.

There is no evidence to support a specific dose of tragacanth.The gum has been shown to be safe as a food Additive.

The tragacanth species is native to the mountainous regions of the Middle East.Gum tragacanth can be obtained from the taproots.The gum must be collected quickly.The Greek words tragos and akanthathorn describe the appearance and texture of crude gum.

It has also been used as a demulcent in cough and cold preparations.

Tragacanth is used in foods and dressings, denture fixatives, and to thicken ice cream and is being investigated as a novel drug delivery tool.

A water-soluble fraction consisting of tragacanthic acid and arabinogalactan and bassorin is one of the major constituents of Tragacanth.D-galacturonic acid is one of the sugars in tragacanthic acid.The tragacanthin is composed of two acids and swells to form a thick gel.

After heating for 8 hours at high temperatures, the maximum viscosity of tragacanthin can be attained.These solutions are considered to be the highest among plant gum solutions.

As with other water-soluble gums, some preliminary evidence suggests that ingestion of tragacanth with a high sugar load can moderate glucose levels in patients with diabetes.Although gum tragacanth swells to increase stool weight and decrease GI transit time, it appears to have no effect on cholesterol levels after a 21-day period.

In animal studies, Tragacanth has been shown to inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

A phase 2 clinical trial using a salt of swainsonine was conducted in patients with cancer.

Data from a mouse study suggests that tragacanth may have analgesic effects.

There is no evidence to support a specific dose of tragacanth.GRAS is a food Additive.

Don’t use.There is not enough information regarding safety and efficacy.There is a report based on observations of cattle and sheep that suggests the chemical swainsonine is teratogenic.

None documented.It is recommended to separate the administration of tragacanth from the other drugs by at least 2 hours.

There were no adverse effects associated with taking gum tragacanth for up to 21 days.

Some studies show no adverse effects for tragacanth when it is used in concentrations of less than 10 g/day.

Fetal deaths have been caused by Tragacanth preparations that are contaminated with enterobacteria.

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