What is McGill University known for

What is McGill University known for

Being an English university in a french state.Social Activism & vibrant social-political environment.Progressive student body with history of running oldest student run newspaper in Canada.No.1 Medical facility in Canada for more than 15 years (according to Maclean’s Ranking .Most no.

Medicine because they work with MIT and Harvard, Yale on Common Research Projects..also Dentistry, Law and Architecture and a big Engineering Faculty,,their MBA is world class and a lot of Artsies , kids really not knowing what to study (with rich parents in Toronto or the USA)..a Bachelor of Arts or of Science is great to achieve Maturity before studying Law, Medicine or Architecture…or become an actor , musician or Entrepreneur.It s half the cost of studying in the USA and you Get all that Snow as a Bonus.. My Chickadee is just finishing up her Degree in Political Science there.I took engineering courses there in Summer and I taught Finance as a TA to B.Com.

As someone else mentioned, a very active social life (the entire city is great for that as well).Also, from a cultural standpoint, a very diverse student body, French/English bilingualism, and absolutely stunning architectural landmarks.From an academic point of view, the best known faculties at McGill are Medicine, Science and Engineering.

When I attended McGill University it was known for its superb medical faculty.I studied primarily Engineering and Physics and received a B. Eng degree in 1959.The very famous Lord Rutherford was a faculty member in the early 1900’s and made many discoveries at McGill on the structure of the atom.


Medicine and Law.

Management (MBA) and Sciences are quite good!