What is one thing you find Vancouver lacks

What is one thing you find Vancouver lacks

TIME!..and by that I mean time to be ..yes..stop there..time to be.Vancouver has a buzz to it that hits your senses as soon as you enter it’s outer burbs, and is especially noticable when you get off the ferry from the island.

I lived and loved Vancouver and spent most of my life and as a salesman, marketing man and new product developer in Vancouver.I loved it.Fun with business pals on business rips to India and China were always availble as well as ANYTHING ELSE you wanted to develop and market.

ANYTHING, including my wife’s happy involvement as a commercial model as she also manufactured, developed and sold her own line of skin care products, as I was creating the worlds first online home sales biz after creating a pet chemical line.

Affordable Housing.Vancouver is for the rich.If you want to own your own home you better have the money.

i lived in a one bedroom apartment there for years and finally moved to Calgary where I have a mortgage free house.Impossible in Vancouver unless you have more than a million dollars for a house.

Soul.There is a collection of people from different places, activities, amazing scenery, a relatively enlightened government—it all looks good on the surface..and yet there’s something missing.Someone already says this in another thread, but Vancouver can often feel like a beautiful but soulless woman.

It lacks activities.There is not a whole lot you can do in the core of the city.There’s not a lot you can do… you’re either going out to eat or shop.

Cities like Seoul and Tokyo have fun themed restaurants and stores.

The first thing on pretty much everyone’s mind here has got to be affordable housing.What my cousin sold her beautiful 4 bedroom, 2 car garage, swimming pool house on 1/4 acre in a very high end suburb of Chicago recently for, you couldn’t even buy a small city lot with a tear down on it.

A2A – One thing?That’s a tough one, Vancouver lacks a myriad of qualities.First and foremost, Vancouver lacks soul, it has no heart or direction other than that which beats to the cadence of money.

Vancouver lacks several restaurants of different ethnicities for all the hype about Vancouver being ‘diverse’.

You couldn’t find a Hungarian or Romanian restaurant in Vancouver, for example, but you can find hundreds of Chinese restaurants.

The first thing that comes to my rational mind is affordable housing.However, hypothetically if I were to play god and add random stuff, I would add more snow in the winter instead of rain and some Northern lights (I just came back from Tromsø).

A simple and obviouse answer is affordable housing.Other things feed into the housing situation.You might look at things differently and reply realistic and equitable salaries.

If a housd is 3 million dollars and the average salary is under 50 K, then do the maths.

Which Vancouver?

Traffic control.

Its probably the most confusing with lights not timed, and a mess during rush hour.

A more complete rapid transit system.More affordable housing.Better drivers!!

From a friend who grew up in WA but crossed the border frequently: left turn only lanes.

Very rare.

Easy, fast access from Toronto.