What is something good that is happening in Canada right now

What is something good that is happening in Canada right now

Most things, except when USA and US-influenced matters are concerned.By the latter I mean e.g.populism.But there is hope.

Let us see 1/ the EU Elxn, where civil society are FINALLY waking up to the threat and danger of populism.Look at BREXIT.This is populism at its worst.2/ the anti-abortion play in USAGlobal Abortion Laws:Global abortion laws _ 20190519 Sun 024443 PDT -3/ the USA v PRC & Huawei where CAN got caught up and are suffering the consequences.

PRC are doing to CAN precisely what USA are doing to Huawei.WSJ finally put on record that the Big Boys of Silicon Valley are collateral victims of the Don’s/Bolton’s hatred of PRC.Silicon Valley Will Feel Sting of Export Restrictions Against Huawei EU’s reaction on this is like they did re the USA sanction of Iran: it is a political decision to perhaps avenge IRN’s holding of USA embassy staff during Carter’s time.

“On 17 May 2018 the European Commission announced its intention to implement the blocking statute of 1996 to declare the US sanctions against Iran null and void in Europe and ban European citizens and companies from complying with them.The Commission also instructed the European Investment Bank to facilitate European companies’ investment in Iran.” [i.e.EU said to USA, “Pluck yew.”]United States sanctions against Iran – Wikipedia HEGEMONY is the word in all these:Since WW II USA are used to being the boss.

To wit, the Bretton Wood Conf & system gave USD an upper leg over all other currencies in the world.This helps fund USA’s expansionism which lead to the current USA Govt debt.HISTORY – Until the late 19th, early 20th century, China have for 5,000 years been in a hegemony position.

USA are a new boy on the block.Who wrote the “Book of War”?When did he write it?This gives one a perspective on this tiff.|In the meantime EVERYONE SUFFERS.

Well, out here in Vancouver there’s a big annual fest called the Celebration of Light, where 4 different firework tech companies representing different countries of the world have a competition of who does the best fireworks.They make 30 minute shows, which are really amazing, over the water in downtown, in front of the mountains of West Vancouver.But, the big news story that everyone is watching in Canada is a pair of teens that murdered 3 people, still unfound over 2 weeks as they drive the northern highways across the country.

In the US it’s a shooting at a garlic festival, that killed 4 people and injured 15… And 5 days ago a shooting at a playground in Brooklyn killing 1 and injuring 12… And 6 days ago in LA a man killing his immediate family, and wounding 2 other people…

We’re having a federal election in October.We Trudeau will only survive with a minority government and will have to accept the Green Party’s platform to stay in power for a few years.At last we’ll have a government that will stand up to the Nazi white racist president.

That is something good in Canada.

Autumn is coming!In the north you can start to glimpse the first orange and yellow tinges on the trees.Know it seems strange to celebrate one step closer to winter but fall is just so glorious , especially in the east of Canada, that I get excited every year.

Love the long summer days, especially at the lake.Spring is always a relief, the first day you can go out with flip flops on you feel like dancing.

It’s summer and certainly here in the GTA and elsewhere there are some great festivals.The Beaches Jazz Festival has been running for this month and wraps up today.Black Creek Pioneer Village is hosting a quilt display and today is the final day.

Next week is the Food Truck Festival at Woodbine Park – yum!We cannot forget about Caribbean Festival 2019!!And I’m sure many more that don’t come immediately to mind.

Good things happen everyday all over the country.University’s are researching to find cures for illnesses and creating new products.Someone is having a successful surgery or got new they are cured of cancer.

A new immigrant is being welcome to Canada.

Well.. we’re fully into spring and the warm weather is here!Gotta love that!hah.

But seriously… hmm..The liberal government just released a country-wide rebate on Electric Vehicles, making them $5000 cheaper to afford!

I’m sitting in my cottage on Brier Island in Nova Scotia at 7 in the morning watching the sunrise over the harbour as the fishing boats return .The clouds are painted with reds and purples and the cormorants are diving into the ocean looking for breakfast.

That incompetent and vacuous George Soros stooge Justin Trudeau is on his way out of office at the next Canadian federal election!

I believe having a visible brown man wearing a turban in the house as a leader of the NDP will give us a opportunity for a hard talk about the way Canada treats its indiginious population as will as all visible manorities, beginning with racist police killing black men.

The best thing going on here is that there is nothing exciting going on.

Peace, order, and good government are not exciting, but they allow you to sleep well at night.

Hopefully summer is around the corner.And I haven’t heard in the las two hours anything about climate change Turdo and the liberals will be looking for jobs in November.

1.The weather’s great in Vancouver.2.

Summer in Canada is stunning.

In Quebec you can enjoy fireworks twice a week it’s amazing.

Beef is still good here 🙂

Ice is off the lakes?


Summer is good