What is the altitude of Montreal Canada

What is the altitude of Montreal Canada

Montreal is pretty much at sea level… it’s an island city smack in the middle of the St. Lawrence River.However, there’s a mountain in the middle of the island!Well, not so much of a “mountain” really, though many of us like to think it is.

It’s actually a BIG HILL, maybe 750–800 feet high.But it sure looks impressive, just a bit north of the downtown buildings… There’s a man-made lake part-way up, trails for hikers and picnickers here and at the peak, and a lookout up there with great views of downtown plus the river.See Wikipedia for more – including the cool fact that the designer of Mount Royal’s park is none other than Frederick Law Olmsted, who co-designed Central Park in New York City.

When you land at the airport I seem to remember its 45 feet above sea level.Of course it’s a little higher on Mount Royal but not by terribly much.

At the Old Port by the river, the altitude is 6 m (20 ft).

At the top of Mont-Royal, the altitude is 233 m (764 ft)


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