What is the best community college in Montreal

What is the best community college in Montreal

The province of Quebec doesn’t really have community colleges, certainly not under that name.Forty years ago they were bundled up with the first year of university and grade 12 under the name “Cegep”.Cegeps have pre-university programs as well as professional programs.

They are in French or in English, you have to apply for admission and they are tuition-free (except for a couple of semi-private ones, like Marianopolis College).You will have to be much more specific in your question.English or French, professional or pre-U programs, which program specifically (not all Cegeps offer every program).

I teach at Vanier College, as does my wife, and it is very strong in certain programs, possibly the best in the province.

As Chris Smith explains, Quebec has CEGEPs – which is a rough equivalent of grade 12 and 1st year university.I attended Marianopolis College for one year before entering Cornell as a freshman.Marianopolis has a very strong program in Pure and and Applied science.

If you are looking at that stream, it would be hard to go wrong in choosing Marianpolis.