What is the best place to live in Montreal as an English speaker and as a young guy

What is the best place to live in Montreal as an English speaker and as a young guy

Tips if you’re new to town: Try to find a place near a bus stop or better yet, near a metro.In winter you’ll be very happy you did.We advertise apartments a little differently than other places.“3 1/2” means bedroom (1), living room (2), kitchen (3), and bathroom (1/2).

“2 1/2” has no living room, 4 1/2 has two bedrooms, etc.etc.If you’re a McGill or Concordia student, there will be a lot of “cheap” tiny places within a few blocks of campus, but these are 90% cockroach-infested crapholes.If money is tight, you can find roommates to share a larger place near campus and split the rent.There are a lot of old Victorian apartments in that area that can fit 3–5 people.

Many people do this.My personal choice is NDG (approximately from Vendome metro to Concordia’s Loyola campus to the west).Lots of anglophones because it’s next to Westmount (where the rich English people live), close to downtown but still one of the cheaper neighborhoods, has all public transport and amenities (parks, shops, restaurants aplenty), and is quite safe except for the usual tricky block here and there.“As a young guy” you can walk home from the bars on Crescent street in under half an hour if you miss the bus.If you’re a Concordia student, you can look in Montreal West, which is just to the west of NDG.Cheaper, and you can take the Concordia shuttle to get downtown quite quickly and for free.St.

You said young but it doesn’t t say your age you can be 18 to 35, we also don’t know your budget and if your a student or you’ve a job.I think that you received some good answers.According to me the best is NDG if you have no car and you’ve one or several roommates.

Everyday stores and ambiance are nice, a lot of immigrants, more people speak English than French.You’ve the metro and bus to go anywhere.There is no violence, nobody that piss you off.

If you are broke, Verdun can be a good place, but you’ve more people with no life that live there.By no life I mean that are poor because they have no ambition or too much issues, not drug or violence.For le plateau or le village gay, take in consideration that some guys are going to try and some people are fucked in their heads.

Someone could attack you at night in the village gay, it’s really rare but it could happens, it happened to me.But really often it will be someone crazy so easy to distract or leave, we have no guns and less than 10% of people use a knife, except for a hold up or in road rages.If you have the budget, go in Griffintown.

Much depends on budget of course.I think it would be a mistake to restrict yourself to English enclaves.The opportunity to experience Montreal in all of its idiosyncrasies is best when you immerse yourself in the unique culture of this place I love.

Were I in your position, and, once more, depending on your means, I would choose Cote-de-Neiges, Snowdon or anywhere close to the University of Montreal.Verdun is also a great choice (google Wellington Street).N.D.G.