What is the best strategy for minimizing injury when being beaten by a gang or mob

What is the best strategy for minimizing injury when being beaten by a gang or mob

If you really have to scrap, then here are pointers to avoid getting fubar’d:Be mindful of your guard, positioning/range.Guard Standing: Hands up, where it’s close to your temple/eyebrows and you can use your forearms to block strikesChin tuck.an expose chin can lead to a bad knock outShoulders shrugged, almost hunchbacked- keeps your head stable to prevent KOs and shoulders there to deflect strikesI really like the ‘crazy monkey defense’ system for begginers:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkgMKFMTL9o&feature=youtu.be Guard on the Ground: Lay on your back and NOT on your knees or side fetal positionKnees pulled up where you can ‘bicycle’ kick to push people away or off youIf someone is trying to kick you (on the ground), try to kick out their knee they are pivoting onIf they are trying to stomp down, then kick up at their nuts, and try to pull their heel… closest example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jwvmtf4f5kYour arms/hand should be in the position like you’re doing a situp/crunch (but not clasp), again you want to the forearms to take punishment from strikes instead of your headbreath out and do a mini crunch when you know when you’re about to absorb a blow… so you don’t get the wind knocked the wind out of youRanges: Out of range – where you nor them can reach with punch/kickKicking range – where you can reach with kick but not punch.

This is the more ideal range in dealing with multiple people.You want to use push kicks to keep them away (and you have you’re hands guard up or follow with a big right hand if they come in).how to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJ9cyzMWrBsPunching range – where you’re close enough to trade blows.

Try not to stay in this range too long.Also try to circle right to avoid their strong right handClinch range – when you’re tied up.

What Alvin said.Fred Zimmerman, here’s a helpful clip of how it might work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-kw1KBU2ps It also depends on what kind of crowd mentality you’re facing.The clip I posted presents a possible solution when the crowd is already attacking you.

But there are some situations in which you are being “interviewed” for violence.By which I mean, the people around you are clearly hostile, but they are still trying to determine the reward-risk ratio when it comes to attacking you.This is a common situation preceding violence.

In this case, if you determine that you are going to “pass” the interview — that is, the people have decided that yes, they are going to proceed with the attack — then one possible solution is to pick out the leader in the group (if possible) or the closest member, and attack as violently as you can.The idea is to shock all the other guys by the extreme, graphic, savagery of your response so much that psychologically they lose the will to fight and revert to their primitive “flee” reaction.There are no submission holds to be used here, no punches or kicks to the head.

You will be gouging eyeballs out, tearing flesh from his head and neck with your teeth, kicking through and snapping their knees, slamming your elbow into his windpipe, all while snarling, screaming and growling like an insane rabid animal.And I mean this quite literally.You’re not just trying to kill him, you’re trying to kill him in a way that you make the other guys think, “Holy shit, this guy is out of his fucking mind, clearly we made a mistake in picking our victim for the evening, I’m getting the hell out of here.”

HERE’S THE LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This is a tactic to be used in absolutely the most dire of circumstances.There must be no doubt in your mind that these people intend to kill you.Although it is possible, it will be difficult, when the police come to arrest you, to convince them that you were acting in self defense.

And the psychological trauma you experience from doing this to another human being will likely be lasting.