What is the craziest thing that youve done in Ottawa

What is the craziest thing that youve done in Ottawa

Hotboxed the elevator at the National Press Club (back in 2001).I was a recent journalism graduate, and we had some party or something (can’t remember the exact function) at the NPC.I was going outside to loosen up by myself, but after I got into the elevator, I noticed I’d been followed in by a few curious classmates.

I may or may not have had a reputation for knowing how to make a party better.One of them asked “Where are we gonna smoke?” I said “How about here?” (thinking I might scare a few off…I wasn’t in a sharing mood, and this was not my regular crew) Elevator doors closed.I pressed the “stop” button (no alarm went off…I think) and lit up.

From what I remember, there were 4 of us including myself.After starting the elevator up again, we continued to an unassumed floor, and separately made our ways back to the fancy party.

I went mountain biking for hours during the winter on hard packed snowmobile trails – throughout the peacefulness of night.It was ridiculously fun!At one point I wiped out off trail and broke through a crusty top layer, laughing like a silly little kid.

My headlamp lit up the snow under the icy crust and created an absolutely magical glow.I highly recommend trying this at least once if you love biking.

On the crazy scale Ottawa might be boring for young people.The craziest thing that I have done is getting out with my hair wet with -35 degrees .

Toured the Parliament Buildings one Easter with a bunch of friends in Bunny costumes.

We even had ears for the tour guide who was a good sport about it.