What is the difference between RC and R on a thermostat?

An R wire can be used in a Nest Learning Thermostat.The Nest Thermostat E only has an R connection, which is where the R wire goes.

Is Rh the same as R on the thermostat?R, Rh, and Rc are not the same.The R terminal is where you connect the signal source.Current can flow from the R terminal to the appropriate signal terminal.The thermostat.

Rh and Rc both mean Red-Heat.The jumper between Rh and Rc is required for heating and cooling hybrid systems if you only have a single red wire.The AC compressor is yellow.The heating element is white/W.

The same terminal is Rc and R.You don’t need a jumper for a nest.You can use one thermostat for both types of units with the 2 terminals.The indoor air handler is called Rc.