What is the population of Ottawa in 2019

What is the population of Ottawa in 2019

The City of Ottawa has a metropolitan population of around a million people.However, if you look at the picture in Bill Sands’ answer below (or above…i have no idea which way these threads are oriented), you will notice a river.The city visible to the left of the river is Ottawa.

The castlely-looking structures surrounding the large lawn are the Parliament Buildings, Canada’s centre of federal government.On the other side of the river is the City of Gatineau which is in the Province of Quebec.(Ottawa is in Ontario.)

Although they are separate cities in separate provinces, Ottawa and Gatineau are so intertwined economically and socially as to form a single urban area.In the picture below (or above!), the large buildings on the Gatineau side peeking out from beneath the word “Ottawa” are federal government offices to and from which thousands of Ottawans commute daily.

Living on one side of the river and working on the other is extremely common for both public and private employees.Up till the mid-90s, bars in Ontario (thus Ottawa) closed at 1am while those in Quebec (including Gatineau) were open until 3.Naturally, every Friday and Saturday, shortly after 1 in the morning, throngs of tipsy drinkers headed by foot, cab, car, bike or canoe across the river to join the partying Quebeckers .

At 3, intensely liquefied, they would all pour back out onto the streets of “the strip” as Gatineau’s bar zone was known, sloshing around in a tsunami of broken glass, garbled taunts and screeching cackles until they either found their way home, to jail or a hospital bed.This issue was such a headache that bar closing hours were eventually changed to 2am in Ottawa as a local solution.After a time 2am was adopted across the whole province.

While a boon to Ontario drinkers, this -as intended- pretty much dried up the strip.Quebec bars are still open till three but the days of the 1am booze migration are nightlife history.In any case, Gatineau’s population is around 300 000.

I see the “Welcome to Ottawa” signs on the route we take in have just been changed to Pop 1,000,000.

I think it used to say something like 970,000.

1 million In June 2019, the City of Ottawa estimated it had surpassed a population of 1 million.

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A bit more than 1 000 000 plus about 290 000 in Gatineau QC, juste across the river.