What is trip Flex on Allegiant?

You can change or cancel your reservation up to an hour before departure without fees if you include Trip Flex at the time of booking.Without Trip Flex, a change fee of up to $75 per person each way will apply, and within 7 days of travel, no changes are permitted and no credit will be issued.

How do I get rid of my trip flex flight?The “Cancel My Entire Trip” link is located at the top of the page.You can cancel one person in your group itinerary by selecting Manage Travel from the menu.Use your name and confirmation number to locate your reservation.

It costs between $8 and $20 per person per segment and must be purchased at the time of booking.The $75 change fee that usually applies per segment, per passenger, can be avoided with Trip Flex, which allows passengers to change their itinerary once or postpone the trip entirely.It can be done up to an hour prior to departure.

If a minor child is added to an existing itinerary, TripFlex will not be added.Changes must be completed at least seven days prior to departure.