What is your favorite restaurant in the Greater Toronto Area

What is your favorite restaurant in the Greater Toronto Area

My favorite is “Nami”.We were there last night for our 30th wedding anniversary!This was my first time eating out at a restaurant since Covid-19 came to town.

It was amazing.We sat in a private booth, which I love.There were a few minor differences.

One – they pour your soy sauce, no bottles on the table.I ordered our favorites from memory, didn’t need the paper menu.They have a huge selection and they had all my selections and they were just as I remember!

You haven’t ate sushi until you’ve had excellent sushi and that is what Nami is all about.They have the best tasting sushi and sashimi I have ever eaten and we have been going to this restaurant since the late 80’s.After last night, it continues to be my favorite even in a pandemic!!

When it comes to the intersection of service and food, at the top of my list is Craig Wong’s Patois (794 Dundas Street West, Toronto ON M6J 1V1, 647.350.8999).I enjoy the collision of food styles (Caribbean, Asian, and more) and everyone there made me feel like they wanted me to enjoy my time, and their food.Plus, it’s just casual enough to make me feel like I should behave.

Miga on Dundas in Mississauga.

Best Korean food in the GTA.