What is your go to quick meal when youre in Montreal

What is your go to quick meal when youre in Montreal

Ooooh, I am excited to answer this!It really depends on your taste buds and what you want to eat in Montreal.Montreal has many diverse food and cultures that there are many to choose from.

Here are some of my go-to quick lunch meals if you want just a nibble!Vietnamese Sandwiches [Banh Mi].They are kinda like Subways but its the Vietnamese version of Subways, but better.

If you’re kinda hungry for a quick bite less than 6$, you can get a banh mi and you’re all good.Nibble away!They are quick to eat and tasty!

Here are some of my favourite Viet Banh Mi stops.Hoang Oanh Sandwich – Ville-Marie – Montreal, QC A little less pricey than the one mentioned below it but they also make good banh mi for about 4$ plus tax (if not more.)They also make good Vietnamese steamed pork buns, highly recommend if you don’t have enough money (like me, a student!)(Picture from Yelp: Hoang Oanh Sandwich photos) Marché Hung Phat – Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie – Montreal, QC Its a little on the pricier price since its a bit more than 5 dollars Canadian but here, they make very good Vietnamese Jello (Coconut, chocolate and jelly) and they also make very good Vietnamese Banh Mi and Desserts!

(Picture from Yelp: Marché Hung Phat photos ) 2.Smoked Meat Delis.Hmmmm are you craving for some meat and smoked meat.

Ah, I love Montreal Smoked Meat because its tasty and goes well with soda (I don’t drink, sorry) and pickles!Its one of Montreal’s classics.Here are some of my favourite Smoke Meat Delis!

Schwartz’s – Plateau-Mont-Royal – Montreal, QC Ah a classic bite!It’s also Montreal’s Go-To Smoked Meat spot.I can’t say more, you must devour this delicious Smoked Meat sandwich in order to feel the Montreal experience.

(Picture from Yelp: Schwartz’s photos) Dunn’s Famous – Ville-Marie – Montreal, QC — Oh another classic bite!Dunn’s Famous smoke meat has one of my favourites for years.I remember eating it and it tastes like heaven to me.

I don’t know about now but Dunn’s has been one of my childhood favourites.(Picture from Yelp: Dunn’s Famous photos) 3.Bagels.

Ah, a Montreal classic!If you really are in a hurry and need to go somewhere, I suggest you getting Montreal bagels.They’re quick to eat with cream cheese and moist and warm… Just thinking about it makes me want to get out and get one!

With a dollar and a couple cents, you can get one good bagel to eat, if not you can order a dozen (about 10$) and share with friends.Fairmount Bagel – Plateau-Mont-Royal – Montreal, QC – I personally love going here to eat my bagels, maybe I am a little biased but anyways I just love that crunchy rip from the bagel.Smells doughy good.

Perfectly topped with sesame and it’s a great combination to eat with cream cheese.Ah!(Picture from Yelp: Fairmount Bagel photos) St-Viateur Bagel – Plateau-Mont-Royal – Montreal, QC — Ooo I also love St-Viateur’s bagels too, except the place is a further away from my house.

They also dip their bagels in honey and oh mah gosh bagels there are so good.You can order a bagel with salmon and coffee I believe for 14$ (I could be mistaken) but darn its good.(Picture from Yelp: St-Viateur Bagel photo) 4.

Lebanese/Mediterranean food.Sheesh, Taouk that’s good.Restaurant Sara – Plateau-Mont-Royal – Montreal, QC – Another one of my favourites growing up.

Their garlic sauce is to die for.They make good Shawarma plates and also their ‘Taouk wraps are good if you want a quick bite for 6$ CAD approximately.(Picture from Yelp: Restaurant Sara photos) 5.

Poutine.I am not talking about Russia’s President Putin, but Quebec’s home to Poutine.Fries with curd cheese and gravy, oh what a delight!

Patati Patata – Plateau-Mont-Royal – Montreal, QC – Oh I love this place.It’s quite small but you can order take outs and their poutine is delish.It’s a very local Poutine resto but I highly suggest you take a visit!

Bring money and friends and share the delight!(Pictures from Yelp: Patati Patata photos) 6.Portuguese Chicken Rotisserie.

Another ‘growing up in the Montreal area story’, but I loved eating at Chicken Rotisseries for their tasty chickens.They also make sandwiches too and they’re quick to eat!Here are some of my favourites!

Romados – Plateau-Mont-Royal – Montreal, QC – Ah one of my faves growing up.They make delicious sweet Portuguese Natas and oh my gosh their Rotisserie chicken sandwich is good with Sumol soda and Natas, a perfect way to end your yummy meal.(Picture from Yelp: Romados photos) Ma Poule Mouillée – Plateau-Mont-Royal – Montreal, QC – Okay okay so I just order from their Rotisserie recently and OH MAH GOSH the sauce is sooooo good with the meat.

It isn’t quick but its worth the taste.(Picture from Yelp: Ma Poule Mouillée photos) Rotisserie Piri Piri Plateau – Plateau-Mont-Royal – Montreal, QC – the Chicken place is alright but if you ever get any coupons in the 24hr Newspaper in the metro, its worth your time and money.(Picture by me.

Plus that was on my Snapchat too.)7.Vegan, anyone?

If you’re vegetarian or vegan and need quick bites options, here are two restos that I know (but never ate there, so I can’t really give you my honest opinion…sorry.)Lola Rosa – Plateau-Mont-Royal – Montreal, QC (Picture from Yelp: Lola Rosa photos) La Panthère Verte – Ville-Marie – Montreal, QC 8.Pizza.

There are many places to eat pizza, but frankly, this is my go-to pizza shop: Van Horne Pizzeria – Outremont – Outremont, QC – PIZZA IS GOOD TO EAT SOMETIMES!!darn, at this point in the writing I am hungry now… (Credits to me, and my photography skills lol.Eating with family.)

9.Desserts!Sometimes having a quick lunch needs a quick dessert.

I am a sweet tooth so here are my recommendations for sweet and quick desserts!Mr.Puffs – Plateau-Mont-Royal – Montreal, QC – Mr.

Puffs, similar to Timbits isn’t just Timbits.It’s yummy fried dough that is part to Greek dessert (That’s what I’ve read on their website.)It’s yummy to pair with Nutella, cinnamon, Chocolate and white chocolate, Caramel, Graham crackers or on its own.

You should definitely order some if you’re in Montreal.I had tried it and loved it.FYI: There are many places for Mr.

Puffs.(Picture from Yelp: Mr.Puffs photos) Kem CoBa – Plateau-Mont-Royal – Montreal, QC – One of my favourite places to eat ice cream.

Gosh, I love their weekly ice cream flavours.Exotic and some Vietnamese flavours integrated into their ice cream makes me want to come back.I had tried their Litchi and Rosewater ice cream, darn good.

Its a little pricey for ice cream but for me, it was worth the wait and I ate it all in 5 mins, lol!Anyways here’s my Instagram worthy picture of my ice cream… (Another credit of my picture…..featuring my hand.Snapchat and Instagram worthy.)

Bao Bao Dim Sum – Ville-Marie – Montreal, QC — I love the cute sweet steam buns but also LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE!!They also make yummy meat buns also and bubble tea!(Again, another picture from me…lol.

And the buns were deflated on my bus ride to home.)La Cabane de Danny – Ville-Marie – Montreal, QC – Another ice cream bite with Chinese Waffle Ice Cream in Chinatown.(Creds to my Instagram Story………And I also ate one Pocky stick.)

Au Kouign-Amann – Plateau-Mont-Royal – Montreal, QC – Best Croissant and also they have a variety of yummy desserts.I highly suggest you get an Almond Croissant, pretty delish if you ask me.(Picture from Yelp: Au Kouign-Amann photos) 10.

Drinks.FYI: I don’t drink alcohol so if you want to know the best places to get a quick alcohol drink, then you’re asking for the wrong person.However, I do like some types of drinks (like Tim’s Ice Capp) and other drinks.

Here are my go-to drinks (non-alcohol.): Bubble Tea.I have a preference for flavours but my favourite of all time is the Large (or regular sometimes) Pearl Milk Tea, which is basically Black tea with carnation milk, sugar, Tapioca pearls, and ice.

There are many Bubble Tea Stores in Montreal and I don’t really have a store preference.Its a quick sip on the go.Coffee.I don’t have a preference either.

I usually go to Tim Horton’s.—Damn, that was a long answer.I am sorry if I made you drool for food by now, but the list could go longer but I don’t want to bore you that long.Anyways have fun, enjoy the foods you’re gonna eat and I can’t wait to hear your quick-bite stories in Montreal.

Sincerely, Britney Vu.(A student on a budget.)*All links and most images used are from Yelp, just so you can get a sense of what strangers are critiquing and reviews.

Pho from one of our many Vietnamese restaurants; I like Pho Tay Ho on St-Denis.A jambon beurre- a ham sandwich on fresh baguette.Most bakeries, and we have terrific ones here, sell takeaway sandwiches on excellent bread.A taco from a food truck, or a “steamie” (steamed hot dog), but I prefer them grilled.One or two pupusas!These are Salvadorean, kind of like a little quesedilla.


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These days, I would choose sushi with some miso soup, and green tea.This is because these are all relatively easy on my digestion.