What kind of planes fly into Nantucket?

What is the closest major airport to Nantucket?

What is the nearest airport to Nantucket? The nearest airport to Nantucket is Nantucket (ACK) Airport which is 2.7 miles away. Other nearby airports include Martha's Vineyard (MVY) (27.8 miles), Hyannis (HYA) (28.3 miles), Providence (PVDProvidence (PVDOpened in 1931, the airport was named for former Rhode Island governor and longtime senator Theodore Francis Green. Rebuilt in 1996, the renovated main terminal was named for former Rhode Island governor Bruce Sundlun.https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Rhode_Island_T._F._Green_Rhode Island T. F. Green International Airport - Wikipedia) (76.1 miles) and Boston (BOS) (88.9 miles).

What cities fly into Nantucket?

Cape Air - Cape Air/Nantucket Air provides year-round service from ACK to Boston, MA (BOS), New York City (JFK), Hyannis MA (HYA), New Bedford, MA (EWB) and Martha's Vineyard (MVY).

Can you take a plane to Nantucket?

Despite its remote location 30 miles at sea, Nantucket has the second-busiest commercial airport in Massachusetts and is easily accessible by major and local airlines and aircraft charters. Convenient flights are available year-round from airports in Boston, Hyannis, Martha's Vineyard and Westchester/White Plains.

How long is the ferry ride from Boston to Nantucket?

The quickest way to get from Boston to Nantucket is to drive and ferry which costs $47 - $51 and takes 2h 27m.

Why does ACK stand for Nantucket?

The abbreviation “ACK” is from the Federal Aviation Administration's abbreviation for Nantucket Memorial Airport. It is the second busiest commercial airport in Massachusetts after Logan International Airport in Boston. Visitors to the island have a special connection to those three letters, A-C-K.

What is ACK airport code?


Where did ACK come from?

In internet forums and in text-based messaging, ACK is typically used to indicate distaste, dismay or alarm at something that someone has typed. This usage of ACK is believed to stem from the term's similarity with the word "Yuck," which is commonly used to express distaste.

What is abbreviation for Nantucket?

Acronym Definition ------- --------------------------------------------- ACK Nantucket, MA, USA (Airport Code) ACK Assistant Cook (US DoD) ACK Accounting Control Key ACK America's Career Kit (US Department of Labor)

What airport do I fly into for Nantucket?

Nantucket Memorial Airport

Is Nantucket airport Busy?

It is the second-busiest airport in the state, after Logan International Airport, due to intense corporate travel to and from the island in the high season.

Does Delta fly to Nantucket?

Cape Air www.flycapeair.com ------------------ ------------------ Delta Airlines www.delta.com US Airways Express www.usairways.com

How early should I get to the Nantucket airport?

For flights between Hyannis and Nantucket, please check-in at the ticket counter 30 minutes before departure.

What kind of planes fly into Nantucket?

Jet Blue, Delta, American and United Airlines operate seasonally from JFK, LaGuardia, Newark and Washington, DC. Visitors who use wheelchairs will find air travel to the Island very challenging at best.

How long is Nantucket airport runway?

Nantucket 's airfield layout, illustrated in Figure 1, consists of three runways, which vary in length from 3,125 feet to 6,303 feet.