What kind of winter clothing do I need for Montreal winters and whats the best place to buy them

What kind of winter clothing do I need for Montreal winters and whats the best place to buy them

Well then wearing layers would be your answer.The good thing about money is that you can usually buy one good coat and you don’t have to wear too many layers underneath.I feel like Montreal winter has cold days and warm days.

Cold days – -20°C ~ -5° Warm days – -5° ~ 5° Also depends on wind, sunshine, etc.If you have a sunny -5C° with no wind, you won’t need too many layers.here’s what i wear on a warm day : Inner thermal wear (long johns) – thin and not too heavy.

I have a thinner one and a thicker one.I wear the thicker one on cold days.I have both top and a bottom.Sweater or shirtLight jacket – so that you can wear it on short trips.

ex) 5–10 min walk to get some lunch and come back to workCoat (outershell) – Canada Goose, North Face, Arcteryx, Point Zero, etc.Thick pants – for pants, I wear a gore tex-style wind proof pants.They sell special winter pants.On a cold day, I might add one more layer of sweater or jacket.I also bought a battery-powered heated jacket, which helps when it’s frigid out.

less than -15°C.

I need to dress in layers I need a parka or a good ski jacket something that will handle the temperatures under -20 Celsius or Below zero Fahrenheit also and you might want to buy a hat gloves winter boots scarf “long John-underwear” Heavy socks sweaters.Amazon has a good selection of winter clothing and not getting paid for this or you could go to the Bay in Montreal.There are several good stores that sell winter clothing if you have the money Canada goose makes an excellent line of winter clothing Kodiak makes good winter boots.

If this is your first time buying winter clothing you’ll probably have to spend about $400-$1000 for an outfit.There a secondhand stores and thrift shops and sales if you’re on a very tight budget.If you know people in Montreal many people have a hand me down coat they don’t use anymore so someone may Give you a one.

Your best bet is to have everything before you get off the plane nothing ruins your day like wearing tee shirt in a snowstorm.

Winter can be frigid.Wind + high humidity.The wind can cut right through you and chill you to the bone.

You will need warm clothes.Start with a warm jacket, knit hat and mitts.Winter boots would be a good idea.

If you don’t have much $$ use eBay.The Last Hunt is the discount site for Quebec-based Altitude Clothing and have good deals.Check out Winners.

Montreal’s weather in winter is cold, really cold.Like -30 degrees.for winter you would need jeans or jogging pants with long tees.

to go outside you’d need a winter coat with a beanie and gloves.