What places do you recommend a Leonard Cohen fan visit when in Montreal

What places do you recommend a Leonard Cohen fan visit when in Montreal

Leonard Cohen is resting in the Jewish Cemetery on Mount Royal.There are several murals depicting him in the city, one on Crescent Street, the Main Street for Anglos to grab a drink or a bite.Also, one can see his former home at Place du Portugal.

There was a wonderful exhibition of his life and work at the MAC, but now it has moved to the Jewish Museum in New York and will be shown internationally in the time to come.He was a great artist, singer, poet and philosopher, and, from what one hears, a special human being.

Read the other answers for more suggestions; they’re good.I would like to make one of my own, in addition to those already mentioned by other members.I highly recommend that you go atop the Mount Royal and more specifically the Belvedere, from where you get not only a terrific view of the city, the best, but where you will get a clear, complete view of the great mural created in Leonard Cohen’s memory.

You can get the story behind it with this link: Leonard Cohen Mural .In 2019 the city of Montreal decided to illuminate the mural.

Some favourite haunts of Leonard’s are showcased in this NY Times article.Exploring the Montreal That Leonard Cohen Loved I’d rather like to sit in the park.

Hi.His house was located on the corner of St. Lawrence and Mary Anne.You can’t go inside, but it would be nice to see.

In the same block on St. Lawrence, visit the restaurant “Bagels, Etc”.Great food, great prices, and a place where LC often ate.His music is playing all the time there.

Best breakfast place in Montreal!

You can see his parents house house where he grown up and his own house.There are other people owning this houses as a private residencies, but you can see this buildings outside.Environment around the houses was not change from time when Cohen was living here.