What was the purpose of Henry Hudson's exploration? What is the Bill of Rights Institute?

Henry Hudson was curious about furthering knowledge and used his perseverance and courage to advocate for funding to find the northwest passage, which he was convinced existed.His ultimate goal was to get to Asia.

What was Henry looking for?English explorer Henry Hudson is thought to have been born in the late 16th century.In 1609, he embarked on a third voyage funded by the Dutch East India Company that took him to the New World and the river that would be given his name.

Henry Hudson wanted to go to India.He thought the ice on the North Pole would melt in the summer because the sun shone most of the year.He might be able to sail over the top of the world to India.

Did England die after June 22, 1611, in or near Hudson Bay?The English navigator and explorer tried to find a route from Europe to Asia in both the Old World and the New.

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