Whats the best website or mobile app that teaches Canadian French

Whats the best website or mobile app that teaches Canadian French

I don’t know the answer, but I disagree with the advice many of the others have given, that basic Parisian French is the same as Quebecois.I am an anglophone Canadian who has spent a lifetime trying to improve my French.If you spend ten years learning Parisian French, you’ll need another ten to unlearn it.

Quebecois French, first of all, is extremely idiomatic.If you have studied grammar and vocabulary you may understand a formal presentation but good luck following a bar conversation.About every second sentence in general conversation has some expression in it that a Parisian would not understand, let alone someone struggling to catch each word.

Secondly, the accents and pronunciations are so different, especially outside downtown Montreal and Quebec City, that you will be way off in ear training if you are using a Parisian source.In my experience, learning Parisian or any kind of French will help you in speaking, in being able to express yourself.But to understand others, you need practice in Quebecois French.

Don’t waste time – find a Quebec specific resource.

I highly recommend Mango Languages: http://www.mangolanguages.com/ They do offer Canadian French lessons.Many libraries also offer Mango Languages for free.You can check with your nearest library or on the Mango Languages web site.

I’ve used the mobile app and the desktop app and they’re great.

You will probably need introductory French, where it really won’t matter either way if it’s Quebec French or France French.You might want to consider using Duolingo (both on the web as well as a mobile app) to learn basic French.

Basic French is the same in Québec and France, so I’d recommend starting with a “regular” site like Lawless French Once you’re at an intermediate level, this book is excellent: Le québécois en 10 leçons

If you want to get a feel of the street level Quebecois French while being amused at the same time, there’s the (in)famous Tete a Claques web program.

Jon Tremblay had some very good resources at Home