Whats the difference between Quebec city and Montreal

Whats the difference between Quebec city and Montreal

Quebec City is a government town.There are many civil servants.There are many insurance companies and there is one large university.

This university draws a lot of people from French-speaking African countries.The old city is charming.It’s mostly French but there is English here.

You just don’t notice it.It’s largely conservative with some left wing influences.Afterall, the people here are descendants of the socialist French.

It is growing quite a bit and suburbs are sprouting up everywhere.The population is becoming more varied with immigrants, but overall it’s French.While housing prices have gone up, you can find small but decent properties a bit more budget friendly.

You may liken Quebec City to Kingston, Ontario.Montreal is a large, multicultural metropolis.Here, you’ll find ethnic neighbourhoods and places where anglophones speak little French.

Language issues are much more of a hot-button issue there unlike Quebec City.Old Montreal is fine but not as large or as nice as Old Quebec.You’ll find pretty much all the stores and restaurant chains you’ll find in Toronto, much more than what you’ll get in Quebec City, although that has changed there over the last 15 years.

I think there is far more political divide and demonstrations, some violent, do occur.You may liken Montreal to Toronto, Ontario.I’ve lived in Quebec City for 28 years and have visited Montreal on occasion.

I agree with Greg in that I prefer Quebec City.Actually, I don’t really like Montreal that much, as I find it too contentious and dirty.Well, driving through on the 40 doesn’t help.

It’s not the most attractive part of the city although I suppose some may disagree.Housing will be more expensive and if you want more affordable housing you have to be out of the city and on the south shore, which makes communting a real pain on the bridges.And the construction!

It’s never ending.Despite my negative comments, I know some lovely people from there and it is far easier to find English products and services.There are also many summer festivals and cultural events there.

I unfortunately can’t spend an afternoon in Chapters in Quebec City as there isn’t one and if there were, it would be mostly French books.So Montreal does have it’s advantages.

I think the biggest difference would be in size and language.size – Montreal metropolitan area has 4.1 million people, which is not that big in the global context but it used to be the premiere city of Canada therefore it feels like a much bigger city.Quebec City is only 700,000 and it feels provincial.

language – Montreal is quite bilingual even though there’s an emphasis on French as the dominant language.Quebec City is French-only.climate – Quebec City is quite a bit colder in winter and snows more.

atmosphere – i heard that people in Quebec City are more stuck up, uptight, less open-minded.People in Montreal are more open-minded as it is the cosmopolitan city of Quebec.I would say Quebec City is a city OF Quebecois people FOR Quebecois people.

As a visitor or as a resident, e.g.well Montréal is definitely more lively and is filled with students.It has a classic but new style from its Romanesque buildings, e.g.

it being filled with many students and young people looking for business makes it more lively especially on Thursday and Saturday.Quebec City is more picturesque with its traditional European building style and feels much smaller and more governmental.I’m told that the town is actually of a classical English town and not that of a French town but either way it makes you feel like you are in a classical European city while still being in North America.

QC is the provincial (some would say national) capital; Montreal is the biggest and (some would say) otherwise most important city in Quebec.While they are both beautiful cities, IMO, QC is the nicer of the two.

255 km by the TransCanada Highway.