What’s the premium brand for creme de cacao?

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You can have chocolate and drink it at the same time.It tastes just as good in liquid form, so instead of reaching for that box of chocolates, why not enjoy a glass of chocolate liqueur?It also tastes great over ice cream.10 of the most decadently delicious brands will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Tempus Fugit’s creme de Cacao is made from a recipe from the 19th century.The liqueur is usually served in a cocktail or with soda water.

The combination of coffee, cacao, and tequila in Patrn’s liqueur is more than just sweet.The dry, low-proof coffee and chocolate liqueur is a great cocktail ingredient.

The liqueur is made from dark chocolate and milk.In a cocktail, or even over ice cream, it’s great.

This is the drink for fans of Nutella.The liqueur made from Italian grappa is just as good as the chocolate spread.

There is no one who knows chocolate like Godiva.The Belgian chocolatier has been producing fine sweets since 1926 and now it’s created a liqueur with the perfect combination of dark chocolate, black cherry, candied orange peel, and a dash of cold-brewed coffee.It can be used as an after-dinner sipper or a more decadent cocktail.