When a Chinese Canadian in Ottawa on a random question where they were from tells you that they grew up in Glebe is it a coverup to say that they grew up in Chinatown

When a Chinese Canadian in Ottawa on a random question where they were from tells you that they grew up in Glebe is it a coverup to say that they grew up in Chinatown

I have lived in both these areas of Ottawa years ago.Both have qualities to recommend them.“The Glebe” ( not “glebe” alone, no article) is an older upscale neighbourhood.

It is unaffordable to buy or rent there now for most average folks.Very nice homes and a wide variety of decent stores and services.Good central location.

“Chinatown” is older and a less affluent but strong small business and housing community.Great ethnic stores and restaurants.It is nice and Close to other great neighborhood with many small businesses and services with some older and still affordable accomodation.

In my mind, the fact that the person is Chinese, it is irrelevant.Surprise!!!… there are Chinese people in Ottawa who don’t live in or who did not grow up in Chinatown.

An open minded person would probably not care where they lived.There must be another reason you think that fact should be or is being covered up.

I lived in Ottawa for nearly forty years, and although the two areas are close to each other (although at no point contiguous), no one would ever consider the traditional Chinese section of Ottawa as forming in any way, shape, or form part of The Glebe (and yes, it’s always referred to as ‘The Glebe’ as a neighbourhood; Glebe Avenue is a street in the Glebe.)After all, Chinatown is north of the Queensway, and The Glebe is south of it.Chinatown is much closer to Ottawa Centre than to The Glebe.

I don’t know Ottawa that well so if the person tells me he grew up and Glebe I would just take it at face value if the person said he grew up in Chinatown I would just think that’s where he grew up when I was younger they were so called Chinese neighborhoods Italian neighborhoods Jewish neighborhoods in Montreal.What I didn’t realize was the Canada had a racist past people lived in Chinatown sometimes because they wanted to but more often because they couldn’t live in other parts of the city because either it was dangerous for them or people wouldn’t rent to them in the first place.

I used to live in Ottawa, and Glebe area is next to Chinatown, they are practically separated by the highway.Glebe is definitely an exclusive area, while the area around Chinatown is a bit more rundown.It definitely would make a better impression if someone said they gerw up in Glebe.

Usually people just say that they grew up in a particular city, let’s say “I grew up in Ottawa”.If no further questions were asked, it seems weird if someone starts emphasizing that they grew up in a better area.Maybe they did not want you to think low of them?

But usually it’s people with lower background who feel insecure.

At least when I lived there in the 70s, we all referred to it as “The Glebe”.It was a rather nice part of town, too.So if a Chinese Canadian told me that’s where they grew up, I would take it at face value.

The Glebe (and it ALWAYS has the definite article) is the residential area surrounding Glebe Collegiate Institute – one of Ottawa’s oldest Highschools.It’s not particularly an ethnic enclave – or wasn’t, when I lived in Ottawa, 60 years ago (52-65).The name stems from its origin – a tract reserved for the support of Protestant Clergy when the city was founded.

The term is peculiarly English – fields or field shares that were the farming support of rural parish priests, dating back before the Reformation.

Glebe is an area within Ottawa.A neighborhood if you will.I do not know anyone who would even want to “cover up” if they were raised in Chinatown… wherever that is.

Chinatown in Ottawa is really a small strip on Somerset .It is really more restaurants than residential space.The Glebe is to the south of Chinatown by a few blocks.

Why does it matter where in Ottawa he grew up?

The Glebe is not the same as the Chinese area of Ottawa.The Chinese area is centred on Somerset Street, mostly west of Bronson and north of the Queensway.The Glebe is farther East, centred on Bank St and south of the Queensway.

You can see the difference on Google Maps at Google Maps.

Clearly not a Canadian.No it is not a coverup.Please.

Don’t waste our time with derogatory questions like this.

There’s a racist tinge to your question unfortunately.

The Glebe is a neighbourhood that contains a multicultural mix, including Chinese-Canadians.

I don’t know what Glebe is but if they said that’s where they grew up, why assume that they grew up anywhere else?