When will the lockdown end in Toronto

When will the lockdown end in Toronto

No earlier than January 23, 2021 unless it’s extended.Toronto is already in the grey zone – the highest level of restrictions where only essential businesses can remain open to the public.On December 26, all of Ontario goes into the grey zone.

Northern Ontario will remain there for two weeks, while the rest of Ontario, including Toronto, will remain there for four weeks.Those are the minimums.If you want to end the lockdown, stay at home for Christmas.

Don’t go to parties.

When viral transmissions go down and people stop getting sick or dying.If you want the lockdown to end, then wear your mask, wash your hands, social distance.They work and if everyone did them the pandemic would be over in a few weeks.

When will the lockdown end in Toronto?When 10,000 Chinese troops have finished their military exercises in your country and you’ve been overrun.Then, it will be the end.

Good luck.

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