Where can I get a job in Vancouver with no experience

Where can I get a job in Vancouver with no experience

RE: “Where can I get a job in Vancouver with no experience?”Thanks for the A2A Gary Averbach gave an excellent overview of what to expect in Vancouver.Fortunately, you can also trim living costs using the shared accomodation strategy he mentioned by searching nearby bedroom communities like Burnaby, Richmond, and New Westminster, or further out like Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, and Coquitlam.

Access to Vancouver by public transit is an hour or under and offer employment opportunities of their own – particularly if you’re looking for entry level work.Your best bet in lining something up would be to register with a number of the employment agencies servicing the area(s).You’ll have greater opportunity for choice while leveraging one agency against another to improve your offerings.

Beware though; some are predatory (and for this reason, I won’t mention any because you may still need to deal with them).You’ll find they work on a circuit of larger employers they all compete for while having some opportunities unique to each from smaller employers they do business with.The greater Vancouver area population has a relatively high percentage of transience and it seems fairly easy to start from scratch; especially if one is willing to endure back-breaking physical labour, draconian management practices, and a generally dehumanizing culture of work at a disposable level.

To escape this particular cycle of poverty in Vancouver will be challenging without experience and almost impossible without education and connections.

I’m not sure what type of job you’re looking for but if you’re able to make ends meet on a relatively low wage, (i.e.less than $20/hr), there are severe shortages in the city for jobs like non waiting restaurant employees, (dishwashers, busboys, etc.), small store clerks, graveyard shift Macs and 7–11 clerks, care workers, delivery persons, etc.

etc.So long as you’re ready willing to do the type of work required in a cheerful manner you can find a job like that within 24 hours of looking.But sadly, unless you can find people to share accommodations with, the housing costs in Vancouver will eat up at least half of your monthly earnings and even Single Room Occupancy units, though they are rarely very comfortable, experience a very low vacancy rate.

So the answer is to share accommodation with a few other low salary individuals and pooling money for groceries, etc.Eventually, if you prove yourself willing to work hard and cheerfully you’ll be able to climb up the wage ladder.But the truth is – any salary under $5,000/mth in Vancouver will never allow you to live independently in clean, comfortable accommodations within reasonable distance of your workplace.

And even that salary will leave you little for relative luxuries like quality restaurants or entertainment.So good luck and really, after all is said and done, Vancouver is a wonderful place in which to live and so much of what makes it wonderful – the beaches, the parks, the mountains, the multi-cultural environment, the street fairs, and so much more are free to enjoy.

My university age son and his friend (who is sketchy AF) independently got jobs at BC Ferries making over $20 with zero experience or specific skills.As amazing as it sounds, he tells me BCF has a hard time finding enough people.Full time and year round may be more difficult, I don’t know.