Where can you get the best steak in Montreal

Where can you get the best steak in Montreal

There are a few amazing steak houses in Montreal.My three favourite would be: Moishes: a Montreal institution.It’s a classic steakhouse with an unbelievable Monte Carlo Potato and the best coleslaw.Gibby’s: another Montreal institution in the old port.

The French onion soup is the best I’ve ever had!Their homemade salad dressing is fantastic and the steaks are always great.Queue de Cheval: a newer steakhouse, less than 20 years I believe.They, unlike both Moishes and Gibbys offer a dry aged steak and it’s a little more lively and a bit of a “scene”.

The meat is fantastic and they have an insane wine menu.You’ll be happy at any of the three imo.

I’ve actually spent many years in the Quest for the Perfect Steak and sadly, have been mostly disappointed in the search…but then, La Queue de Cheval… Top 5 best Montreal Steakhouses A cut above the rest – Montréal’s best steakhouses Best Steakhouses in Montreal La Queue de Cheval Steakhouse and Raw Bar, Montreal – Ville-Marie – Restaurant Reviews, Phone Number & Photos – TripAdvisor 23 Magnificently Meaty Montreal Steakhouses https://foursquare.com/top-places/montreal/best-places-steak Arthur W.’s review of Queue de Cheval remember, that everyone has very different personal tastes and individual opinions will vary wildly from one to another… Bon Appetit!

Most Montrealers will probably recommend ‘Moishe’s Steakhouse ‘ on ‘the Main’ — St. Lawrence Blvd, in English or Boulevard St. Laurent, in French.It’s about ten minutes from most downtown hotels.Another place I like, especially for its ambience is ‘Gibby’s’ located on rue de Youville in Old Montreal.

Without a doubt, the best place (for me) is Gibby’s.It’s not cheap but it’s sooooooooo good !The Keg and Rib & Reef are also very good Never been to la Queue de Cheval but heard that it’s delicious.

If you are fancy: La queue de chevalIf you just look for a great steakhouse: FiregrillThe KegMy personal favorite, if you have a car: Pete’s Smoked MeatHonorable mention: Imperio portugese grill

Mtl.has some grest steak houses.There is Vargas, Rib n Reef, Moishes, Queve de Cheval, Gibby’s….however these are al $$$$.

Cheaper there is The Keg Steakhouse, Vieux Port Steak House $$-$$$.The first 5, I have never been disappointed.

Gibbys 4.6 (1,832) · $$$$ · SteakMontreal, QuebecClosed ⋅ Opens 5 p.m.Steakhouse in a historic stable Moishes 4.4 (1,065) · $$$$ · SteakMontreal, QuebecClosed ⋅ Opens 5:30 p.m.Classy, historic Jewish steakhouse Rib’N Reef Steakhouse Restaurant 4.4 (741) · $$$$ · SteakMontreal, QuebecClosed ⋅ Opens 11:30 a.m.Venerable venue with a cigar menu

I have always been partial to Moishe’s bone-in rib steak Our Top Cuts | Moishes Steakhouse

Hello 23 Magnificently Meaty Montreal Steakhouses Hope this helps

I find that the best ones are made at home on the BBQ.

A cut above the rest – Montréal’s best steakhouses