Where do I return my equipment to?Xfinity Equipment Return Return your business equipment

You may need to return your equipment if you decide to move, upgrade or cancel your service.Follow these steps to get your equipment back.

2.Take the items that you want to return.You should always confirm the serial number on your device.Click ‘Identify device’ if you want to return a TV Box.

2.The equipment should be brought to the store.You will be helped by a representative to pack and ship the equipment.You can package the equipment yourself.You can use a cardboard box.

3.A receipt with a tracking number will be given to you if a representative helps you package the equipment.Track your return with the tracking number.You can use the tracking number on your return label.

If you live near a service center, you may be able to return your equipment.Follow the steps to complete the process.

If you have a question about how to return equipment, you can contact the company.There are many ways to reach them.

The best way to get in touch with the company is on the phone.Explain to the customer care agents the problem you are having and the help you hope to get.Customer care agents are knowledgeable and courteous.They will help you quickly.You can speak with an agent on live chat.