Where do most people of Indian decent live in Vancouver Canada

Where do most people of Indian decent live in Vancouver Canada

The Punjabi Market area is on Main Street between 49th and 51st Avenues.It has a concentration of Indian grocery stores, clothing stores, Indian imports, jewelery and restaurants.And my favourite Sari shops are nearby on Fraser and 47th.

The ethnic Indians live nearby or to the south.Those areas are called (by general agreement in real-estate speak) Main, Fraser, and South Vancouver, as well as Marpole a little to the west and south.But don’t expect that any area will be 100% Indian.

Vancouver is just not like that.Also I believe that many Indians and particularly Sihks live in certain parts of Surrey, but I don’t know which parts.The little BLUE areas (in Surrey) in this example show the highest concentration of people from “South Asia”.

Since there isn’t another separate category for “India” I guess that includes people from India.[2] I haven’t found any other prepared maps, but the data would be available from Stats Can.For example, the census includes a question about “mother tongue”, so you could find concentrations of Punjabi first-generation immigrants.

eg: In Vancouver (city) the three most common mother tongues were Cantonese (11.0%), Chinese, n.o.s.(7.8%) and Mandarin (4.1%), in 2011.[1] In Surrey, the three most common mother tongues were Panjabi (Punjabi) (21.3%), Tagalog (Pilipino, Filipino) (3.5%) and Hindi (3.0%), in 2011.

[4] In comparison, the most common mother tongues at the provincial / territorial level were Panjabi (Punjabi) (4.5%), Cantonese (3.2%) and Chinese, n.o.s.(2.9%).There are stats available for the City of Surrey too.

The Vancouver Sun ran some articles and prepared some maps.The maps are interactive — you can click on them.But there is not enough detail to answer your question, as they have lumped together all “South Asians”.

A very high percentage live in Surrey, however, I would suggest not to do so.I do not know any of my South Asian colleagues from SFU or UBC living there.I have lived here for 40 years, but never lived in Surrey.

One can find all Indian foods everywhere in Metro Vancouver.So find a place convenient to where you live.

I am not from India, but,I have worked and lived near Vancouver for, now forty years.I have many friends from various parts of India.The Indian population is spread across the province , but the majority are concentrated in the districts of Surrey, Langley, or Abbotsford.

The three areas are in close proximity.