Where do rich people hang out in Montreal

Where do rich people hang out in Montreal

The stereotype in Montréal is that rich people live in English cities that are on the island of Montréal but not within the city, like Westmount and Hampstead.The former rich English ghetto that was located within the city was often nicknamed the Golden Square Mile (formerly known as le faubourg Saint-Antoine) because it used to be the place where almost all Canada’s millionnaires lived in an area of only one square mile.This neighborhood is where is the McGill University.

Even before then, when rich Anglophones lived inside the walls of the city (that are gone since 1801), they lived on the rue Saint-Jacques, that was the street where you could find all the banks.Historically, even the richest French people were still poorer than many English people, but there indeed had neighbourhoods for French bourgeois too.Nowadays the arrondissement of Outremont is considered the French equivalent to Westmount.

The Plateau-Mont-Royal is a a trendy and well-located neighbourhood only rich people or misinformed foreigners can afford to live (excepted perhaps the borders of the neighbourhood).Historically, the square Viger and the Viger street were where the francophone bourgeois used to hang out.It’s pretty much dead now but it is here you will find the Alliance française, a cultural organism for French-from-France and also the Château Viger, a beautiful hostel made by the same architect as Québec’s Château Frontenac.

My first answer, is “Anywhere they please” and I don’t intend to be snarky.It’s just that rich persons in this city do not feel compelled to only hang out in expensive restaurants, clubs and bars, or box seats at sporting events, or at private parties at other rich persons’ homes.I’ve seen a billionaire at the Big Orange.

But we do have high end establishments that attract high-rollers.

What are expensive hobbies?Theres a difference between chilling in a chicha bar with Iranian drug dealer millionaires versus business and wealthy minded individuals.Those u dont find.

They find u.Work on yourself.You’ll attract them with your success.

Find a mentor.Focus on self-improvement, wealth mindset.

Because they are uninformed that there are many many other better places to be in.Also montreal in winter time is a great location for skiing.