Where do you find large Chinese population in Montreal Quebec

Where do you find large Chinese population in Montreal Quebec

I’m not really sure of statistics and proportion but there are many areas where Chinese people live and congregate BrossardWest Island – Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Pointe-Claire, Saint-Laurent Verdunnear Angrignon – Cote-Saint-Paul, Ville-EmardNDGCDN near Guy-Concordia – Golden Square Mile, Shaughnessy Villagethis is where students that just arrived from China live and many have intent to stay in Canada.They are all pretty rich.Their parents are high-ranking members of the Communist Party of China or successful business men.

They are here because their parents decided that it is a good idea to live outside of China due to reasons such as education, severe air pollution in China, more Western mindset, etc.

I live in Brossard for many years.Of course, the Chinatown is the place where the Chinese community is more concentrated on the island of Montreal.But I would say that the largest concentration of Chinese people around Montreal is in Brossard, where there is about 11 000 people.

Brossard is a multicultural mid-size city, where Chinese is the largest integrated community.For more information, you could see the demographic statistic of Brossard here Brossard – Portrait Some statistics from 2011 (sorry, I only found a French document) about where the Chinese people lived in Montreal and his area.

Nowhere will you find a large population but you can start at ” Place d’armes ” métro station in Old Montréal .That is the original Chinatown .But it is small .

Le quartier chinois de Montréal is located in the area of de la Gauchetière Street in Montreal bounder roughly between René Lévesque Boulevard and Viger Avenue (North & South) and Saint Urbain Street and boul.Saint-Laurent (East & West).

Chinatown is located in the area of De la Gauchetière Street in Montreal.The neighbourhood contains many Asian restaurants, food markets, and convenience stores as well being home to many of Montreal’s East Asian community centres, such as the Montreal Chinese Hospital and the Montreal Chinese Community and Cultural Center.

As others have pointed out, Brossard features a large Chinese population.Chinatown is a no-brainer.

I’d start in Chinatown, just a few blocks north of the old port.If you see one of these arches you have arrived.Edit note: I have been out of Montreal for over a decade now.

Brossard, west of the autoroute.

So much so that it is considered an ‘ethnic riding’ by all political parties.


rive-sud, NDG and places near Concordia and Mcgill

We have a “China town” in Montreal: