Where is your favourite place in Toronto

Where is your favourite place in Toronto

Probably the Annex (Bloor St w of Spadina, up to Dupont) or The Beach (Beaches) Queen St E of say Woodbine?Real neighbourhoods.But these days there is lots to be said for College W of Spadina (Korean/ Vietnamese/ Portugese)?

Roncesvalles (keep going W towards Dundas W subway) and The Junction (Dundas W north of Bloor St, over to Runnymede) are both pretty interesting.As is anywhere around High Park/ Swansea in the west end.The problem is of staying ahead of the gentrification shockwave without getting too sketchy.

Thus Broadview and Danforth and places E (Riverdale to the S of Danforth).For prosperous Canadian bourgeois both Eglinton W of Oriole Parkway down into the still Jewish area W of Bathurst (totally disrupted by LRT construction right now) and Yonge St N of Lawrence to Hogg’s Hollow — unfortunately these areas are priced for that ($1m + houses, mostly) but there are older apartment buildings as well and the LRT will give you access to Eglinton & Eglinton W. Yonge-Eglinton itself is soulless, but there are lots of apartment buildings and condos around, as well as nice residential streets (I used to rent a house E of Mt Pleasant— that’s a cold walk from subway on a winter’s eve, but we liked it).I would say I don’t know St. Clair W of Christie that well, and that was a very Italian area (Woodbine Collegiate) and I think it is probably quite pleasant now.

As is of course Wychwood Park but that’s probably one of the most expensive little known ‘hoods of Toronto— a gem, with strong community spirit.I understand up Ossington from Queen Street is “the new Parkdale” but don’t know it that well.Always in TO it is about cost (of course) but also about accessibility to work.

Commuting is the bane of everyone in TO now, whether you battle surface traffic, risk your life by cycling, or try to jam yourself on trains and subways that just won’t carry the load.Before you sign a lease anywhere, make sure you can handle the commute, or flex your commuting hours so that you can handle the commute.

I remember my favorite place being a far park with a vast forest right beside it.It was my favorite place to go with my childhood friends and also to enjoy the park or go hiking.One time my family and friends and I formed a group and hiked around looking for “The naked man” who was rumoured to live in the forest.

(Childhood gossip).

Are you talking about a restaurant will be North 44