Where to Sell Computer Parts for the Most Money is one of the four best places to sell computer parts.

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If you have been a PC enthusiast for a long time, chances are you own at least one component.Many used components are stuffed away in drawers, closets, or basement bins after being purchased from a mountain of parts.There is a good chance that your office or gaming den looks like a junkyard if you aren’t great at clearing it.

Is that junkyard a gold mine?If one person has a lot of trash, should you be turning it into cash?How much effort does it take to make a living from your PC parts?

There are many ways to sell components.If you are interested in fellow posters, you can post on your favorite tech forums.There are websites made for trading components.If you don’t have an account on eBay, you can build one on Amazon.It’s possible to bash out a posting on the website and hope locals take notice.

The route you choose will depend on your own preferences, as each method has pros and cons.As we investigate your part-selling options, we will try to steer you in the right direction.

What is most important is that you get your money and conduct your business safely, no matter which way you decide to sell your components.Make sure your sales process goes smoothly with some quick and dirty tips.

We spoke with the CEO of SellGPU.com, a site that will buy your components directly, to find out what is selling right now.In the most recent quarter, there was an increase in the number of trade-ins, which he attributes to the decrease in profitability of mining cryptocurrencies.

It may be difficult to find a buyer for enterprise-grade components.Hafez said the components are the least in demand right now.

If you want to compete with sellers on self-commerce sites, you should consider other listings.If you want to get the best price, you will have to find ways to differentiate, because a large number of postings can signal demand.

At the time of writing, there were 20 different products highlighted as Best Sellers on Amazon.They were product specific and varied across categories, but the most popular was the SSDs with six products.

eBay doesn’t have best seller information available, but it does have a full range of computer components and parts.

It’s local, of course.What is in demand will depend on your location.If you live in a rural area, your potential market is much smaller than a large city.

The age of your component should be considered.Mainstream components that are more than eight years old are not accepted by SellGPU.Ramirez told us that shoppers often turn to eBay for hard to find products.If your component is vintage, eBay may be a better bet than trade-in sites.

Since they cater to tech lovers, forums may be a good bet for older kit.Considering forums can be virtually anonymous and many aren’t inherently made for selling, you are taking risks when it comes to payment.Readers of Tom’s Hardware say they have seen relative success here.If you decide to sell on a forum, look for one geared toward sellers like Tom’s Hardware.

You can sell your components through a trade-in site if you don’t want to wait around and hope someone will find something to buy.You can get a quote for your component from these sites.The two stand-out options are SellGPU and IT Connected.The latter buys a lot of things.

It is important that you agree with the company’s terms if you are selling to them.SellGPU has you fill in an order form and instantly receive a quote.The quotes are calculated based on market trends and supply chain indicators.Unless it is a bulk order, you cannot negotiate unless you like the quote.Customers are guaranteed their offer if the component is functional.Most trade-in sites don’t require screws, wires, or packaging.If you trade in your graphics card with its original box, SellGPU will give you an extra $10.00.

To ship, you have to use your own box or have the company send you an anti-static shipping box, which is important to make sure your part doesn’t get fried by static electricity in shipping.This takes a few days.Will you get your money soon?SellGPU issues payment within 24 hours of receiving the product, and shipping takes less than 2 days, according to Hafez.If you want a check, it will take a few days, but you can pay with a credit card.You will be waiting a few days for your payoff.

You have to pay $4.99 to download and print the company’s shipping label with IT Connected.You can buy an appropriately sized box, bubble wrap, anti-static bags and resealing tape for $4.99.IT Connected also offers instant payment, so this will eat up some of your profit.

We are all aware of these sites.Setting your own price, including if you will pay for shipping or charge buyers, is one of the things you can do.You should be prepared to pay commission fees if you sell through Amazon or eBay.The money is yours, but your posting will only list in your local area.

It can be difficult to navigate Amazon and eBay’s fees.The Professional plan is $39.99/month, plus per-item selling fees, which vary by category.If you plan to sell less than 40 items per month, you can opt for the Individual plan, which charges $0.99 per sale, plus selling fees.The selling fees for electronic accessories are as follows: 15 percent for the portion of the total sales price up to $100 and eight percent if the price is greater than $100.Amazon deducts the greater of the applicable referral fee percentage or per-item minimum referral fees.

Fees will have to be managed with eBay.You pay an insertion fee for each category in which you list your hardware.If you relist an item, you will have to pay the fee again if it fails to sell.You will get the money back if you sell via auction.If you have an eBay store, you can get up to 50 zero-insertion-fee listings per month.There are some considerations for these as well.If you decide to complete a sale outside of eBay, you will be charged a final value fee.

Let’s say you want to sell a Dell Nextreme Network Card NIC C583R 10Gb Mezzanine for a fixed price of $100 with free shipping.If you have already used up your 50 zero-insertion-fee listings, you will have to pay a $0.35 fee to post in eBay’s Computer Components and Parts page.Even if you sell it for less, you will have to pay eBay a final value fee of 10 percent.Since you did not charge the buyer, you will get $89.65, minus the cost of shipping.eBay will charge you a 10 percent final value shipping fee if you have the customer pay for shipping.

There is a lot to consider for both eBay and Amazon.We only scratched the surface of the fine print.

Unlike Amazon and eBay, it lacks fraud protection for sellers.This can be discouraging since there is a reputation for drumming up creeps.

eBay’s Ramirez claimed that eBay has an advantage over Amazon and Craigslist because of its technology innovations.eBay released an update to its mobile apps earlier this year that made it possible for sellers to list an item in under a minute.It uses eBay’s catalogue of listings, barcode scanner, keyword builder and auto-fill product specifications to help sellers list items.Pricing and shipping recommendations are based on over 20 years of buying and selling data eBay has.

An augmented reality feature has been launched by eBay.You can use eBay’s mobile app to place your item inside virtual boxes to determine the USPS flat rate box if you have an iPad or an Apple device.

Hafez admits you may be able to get a higher price for your components on Amazon or eBay.He claims that sellers will still see more convenience, speed, security and peace of mind from his company.

The average market price for a four-year-old GTX 970 is $140 on eBay.The seller would make around $106 after fees and a shipping cost of $16.The current offer for a 970 is $92.00, he said.Considering the amount of chargebacks and sometimes fraudulent transactions that happen on online marketplaces, many individuals, especially millennials, choose simplicity, speed and an easier process via SellGPU over the extra few dollars one might earn using a self-commerce website.A fraudulent buyer may be able to start a chargeback and cost the game a lot.

Hafez noted that both Amazon and eBay charges can be disputed for up to six months after the sale.

Depending on what you value most in your sales process, you can choose between speed and security or maximum profit.Are you going to take a laissez-faire approach or will you participate in the sale?

What is the best way to turn PC components into cash?You can share your tips on our forum.