Which airlines fly to Guyana?

Which airlines fly to Guyana?

American Airlines, JetBlue & Caribbean Airlines fly the most frequently from the United States to Guyana.

Is American Airlines still flying to Guyana?

Airport Code ------------ USA LaGuardia 72

Did American Airlines cancel flights to Guyana?

GEORGETOWN, Guyana (CMC) American Airlines has suspended its service to several destinations, including Guyana. In a statement late Saturday, the US-based carrier announced that effective Monday and until May 6, it will be suspending it service to Guyana from both Miami and New York.

What airlines fly to Guyana from JFK?

Origin Airport John F. Kennedy Intl. ------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- Destination Airport Cheddi Jagan Intl. Airlines Serving American Airlines, Caribbean Airlines, Copa, JetBlue Airways, United Flight Price $330 Distance 2546 mi

How many airlines go to Guyana?

17 airlines

Does JetBlue goes to Guyana?

Kennedy International airport (JFK) to Guyana's Cheddi Jagan International airport (GEO). With this route, the airline aims to connect the capital city of Georgetown with the United States' largest Guyanese American community, located in New York.

What airlines are flying to Guyana?

jetBlue, American Airlines, Caribbean Airlines and Surinam Airways all fly non-stop to Guyana.

How long does a flight take from Guyana to New York?

How long does it take to fly from Georgetown, Guyana to New York? Typically, a direct (non-stop) flight from Georgetown to New York lasts around 6 hours, provided there are no delays or in-flight disruptions.

How long is a flight from Guyana to JFK?

The total flight duration from Georgetown, Guyana to New York, NY is 5 hours, 34 minutes.

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