Which city is a better place for living Vancouver Canada or Perth Australia In terms of quality of life infrastructure transportation landscape urban planing people Please give answers based on your personal

Which city is a better place for living Vancouver Canada or Perth Australia In terms of quality of life infrastructure transportation landscape urban planing people Please give answers based on your personal

Luckily for you, I live in Perth and have been to Vancouver as well.Both cities are very similar.But once you leave Vancouver, you can follow the TransCanada highway to some truly amazing sites such as Whistler, Banff and so many interesting little towns with history going back 200 years.

Plus you can go skiing, look at Glaciers, Lake Louise plus it snows there in winter.Perth is a great place to live too.Within 15 minutes of Perth are some of the best beaches in the world.

Daylight in summer lasts up to 13 hours, coupled with blistering heat with temperatures in the mid-40s (C).That’s 105–115 in F. Fortunately, we also have a very reliable power supply to run the air conditioners.The views of Australian women are also the best in the world, especially at beaches.

Start driving North of Perth and check out Cable Beach, Broome, Ningaloo for swimming with Whale Sharks, Shark Bay for Monkey Mia dolphin feeding and Dales Gorge.Further north is the Kimberley region with the horizontal waterfalls and spectacular scenery including Crocodiles that jump out of the water to snatch a dead chook out of your hand.The only thing you need to remember is that it takes 4 days, driving all day, to get to Broome.

Most of the others are about 3 days driving.South of Perth, you have the spectacular Margaret River wineries, massive w3aves crashing into the coast, a range of some of Australia’s top restaurants and, as in Perth, some of the best beaches.Both destinations have their pros and cons, but if was asked if I wanted to go to Vancouver for a year, I would jump at it.

I have been to all the places I mentioned in WA.But in Canada, I have only been to the places I mentioned before.I wanna see it all.

Back in 1980 I lived in Seattle after getting married to an American & we spent a weekend up in Vancouver.I’m a home grown Aussie living back in Oz now.I noticed that it seemed that things were much cleaner over in Canada than on the USA side of the border.

Vancouver seemed like a nice city and it has a harbour with a mountain nearby.But, as I only had a weekend there I can’t really say too much about the lifestyle there.Like Seattle, I imagine that Vancouver being on the Pacific coast has very similar weather to the Pacific north-west which means it’s often wet.

As for Perth, we spent a week in Perth 3 years ago & were impressed with it.Neither of us had ever been to Perth before, so it was an adventure for both of us.We were there in March & the weather was good.

Perth is on the Swan River with Perth on one side of the river and Fremantle is across the river.Fremantle is a port & where many immigrants made their first step onto Australian soil, including my paternal grandparents.We did not hear of anyone complaining about their lives in Perth.

It had a very good public transport system we thought & the WA government had spent the mining royalties well.One Sunday we took the train down to Mundurah & we were impressed by the trains………..way ahead of the suburban ones in NSW we thought.It appeared to be a well planned city and a highlight is Kings Park.

The population appeared to be quite cosmopolitan with heaps of Chinese tourists coming every month to Perth.There was variety in Perth in so many aspects from types of architecture to restaurants.That is our personal experience of Perth & we would happily return to WA for other holidays.

But, remember the summers in WA can be pretty hot and Perth is no exception for very hot summer days.Overall, it has a Mediterranean type climate & can be quite dry at times.The beaches are nice but have been known for a few shark attacks also.

I cannot say much about employment prospects in Perth but there is the University of Western Australia located in Perth.It’s a well developed city like most other cities and is well serviced.It’s a long way from Sydney to Perth as it’s on the other side of the country.

Thanks for the A2A.I lived in the Vancouver area for several years and worked in the city for most of that time.We have visited friends in Perth twice and had a wonderful time on both trips.

But, I know Vancouver a lot better than Perth.The only thing I would say about Perth compared to Vancouver is that Perth is very isolated — indeed, I’m told, the most isolated city in the world.The area around it is interesting, but there are far, far more interesting places to visit and things to do within fairly short drives of Vancouver.

It’s funny to see the daily temperatures in Vancouver – warmer than NY etc & certainly warmer than the remainder of Canada.But being so close to USA could be far too dangerous.I may be biased being Aussie + researched in 84 countries, but Aust is a much safer, gunless, non-racist, non-nuclear place with about same size as USA but with only the population of greater LA.

This is a biased answer from an Australian who has never visited Canada because I find other parts of this big big world far more interesting and historic, such as Europe.I believe much of Canada has 6 months of ice and snow each year.

I would say Vancouver because I lived there and loved everything about it.However, it is a very expensive lifestyle.