Which is the best city Montréal or Toronto

Which is the best city Montréal or Toronto

Toronto, clearly.Okay, that’s a bit facetious and I love both cities even though I’ve lived in Toronto all my life.It largely depends on what you’re trying to get out of a city.

Toronto wins by some measures and Montreal by others.Housing costs – Montreal.Toronto is insanely expensive but affordable accommodation is readily available in Montreal.

Much better for students and working people.Compactness – Montreal.Although both cities suffer from sprawl, Montreal has made more effort to concentrate it’s population near services while Toronto continues to grow uncontrollably.Transit – Tossup.Montreal’s Metro is superior and the fares are much cheaper, but Toronto has more frequent bus service, commuter trains that run on weekends and better integration with services in surrounding communities.

Traffic – Tossup.Both cities have horrendous traffic but Montreal’s seems to have stabilized while Toronto’s is getting progressively worse.Food – Toronto.It used to be Montreal but Toronto now has better variety and a better reputation.

Toronto’s ethnic food is compared favourably to New York City’sShopping – Toronto.There are nice stores in both cities, but Toronto has better bargain shopping districts and more high end stores now.Business – Toronto.There are more and better jobs here.

All the major banks are headquartered here now, including the Bank of MontrealPeople – Tossup.Both cities are now very multicultural, although Toronto has a slight edge.Toronto’s less tolerant of the use of foreign languages while in Montreal “code switching” between English and French is common and you hear other languages in public.

Torontonians are a bit more formal, but Montrealers are a little too familiar for most people’s taste.Future – Tossup.Toronto has a good future as a financial centre, but Montreal has a good future as a portal for goods into Canada thanks to it’s position at the highest navigable point from the Atlantic Ocean in Canada.

As such, the money will go through Toronto, but Montreal will handle the stuff.Culture – Montreal, but by a narrow margin.Toronto is still a very new city and a lot of it’s old buildings are no longer serviceable, including it’s 1960s era City Hall (too small now).Compare and contrast with Montreal’s 19th century Hotel de Ville.

There is no such thing as best city.Both are great cities, and both are very very different from each other.You can’t really compare a pear to an apple.

And you definetily can’t compare Montréal to Toronto.If you want to compare them, it dépends for what.Tourism?

or Living?TO VISIT;Depends where you are from?My friend, from Europe, visited Canada for the first time last month.

She didn’t think Montréal was special, She said Montréal was pretty but just another city.When she visited Toronto, she was really impressed.She was impressed by the size of it, by the huge skyscrapers and its’ huge highways.

On the contrary , my cousin from US did an east Canadian tour 2 years ago.And she thought Toronto was just another north American city.She fell in love with old Montréal.

The old buildings gave her a European feeling.I guess Montréal is impressive for north Americans, in general it gives a European vibe.But Toronto is for Europeans.

TO LIVE?I would say, it depends on your situation.If you are someone who is looking to grow career Wise, or to pursue your own business, I would definitely say Toronto is your city.It is huge, has more bigger opportunities.

Also if you are someone who likes the north American modern urban hectic lifestyle.If you are either someone who wants to enjoy life or wants to raise a family, Montréal is your city.As someone who lives in Montreal all my life, here are some real factors people don’t talk about.

PARENTAL LEAVEAll Quebec workers now make contributions directly to the Quebec Parental Insurance Plan, and pay proportionately less in EI (Employment Insurance) premiums.This separation allows the province to offer parents a more coherent and generous suite of benefits.The threshold for receiving payments is a modest $2,000 in earnings—substantially below the EI cutoff.

There’s no two-week waiting period.The benefits cover up to 75 per cent of lost income, compared to 55 per cent through EI, and can last for 55 weeks.Nearly 90 per cent of Quebec mothers with earnings choose to receive parental leave benefits.

Elsewhere in the country, this figure is below 60 per cent.DAYCAREDid you know that in Québec Daycare is government controlled and costs only 8$/Day, which costs parents around 160$ per month.You wont have that anywhere in Canada.

UNIVERSITY FEESIn Québec, students pay half the tuition compared to students in other provinces.And only 10% of the actual cost for a class.Tuition in Québec costs around 3800$ / year ( around 8 courses/24 crédits).

As a physical city.In terms of quality of life l, culture, entertainment, people.I love Montréal.

Though Toronto is considered the economic center, Montreal is rebounding after years of decline.Though the economic opportunities in Toronto are greater and perhaps you can make more money the cost of living, the commute times and cost of living is nearly double.The educational opportunities.

And social class climbing especially if your from middle and lower classes.Are much more available in Montreal, due to a better education system and better schools.(the city has the most students per capita in N/a) People are going to say mtl is full.of angry English hating separatist.

This is usually from people who only value material objects and money.I knew no French when I had first moved to montréal but I always tried people were so accepting and encouraging.Yes it’s hard but the rewards are so much worth the effort.

I’m currently doing an internship in Toronto and I miss the flavour of Montreal everyday.The public transport is better the people are more educated, better travelled and diverse (30% of.the city is trilingual and 70% bilingual) .Much more affordable and free things to do.

More culturally sophisticated and open, Québec was the second state to recognise anti discrimination rights for gays in the world.If you want to go into business and make $$ while spending hours of commute time in ugly looke-a-like suburbs, or waiting for new but constantly broken subway Toronto is for you.If you want to relax drink wine in the park on Sundays, have multiple cultural opportunities but make less money and have a much more difficult time doing it( if your anglophone or don’t want to learn french) montréal is for you.

I love these threads, as both cities are awesome.Montreal is a great city to visit, with great architecture, style and openness.Great to visit with friends and have a great time.

Locals are generally nice, but you always get the feeling you are a visitor or tourist, I have traveled quite a bit across North America, and Montreal folks know right away that you are a visitor.Now, what I have a problem with, is Montrealers consistently taking digs at Toronto.Listen, Montreal is a great city, so is Toronto, and in many ways compliment each other.

Yes, Toronto may not have the sense of self identity and style Montreal has, but you have to remember, Toronto is a booming metropolis and the only true end-to-end international gateway to Canada.What Toronto may lack in “style” per-say it makes up for in urban energy, opportunity and tolerance.The excitement and forward looking nature of the city are amazing.

Montrealers may say Torontonians live in the suburbs, have a big house and are only focused on work, that is simply not true.The collaboration, connections and meaningful interaction had in Toronto is priceless, I meet new people everyday.As several posters have mentioned, Montreal is markedly less welcoming to minorities that Toronto.

One may say Toronto’s multi-cultural-ism has left it with a lack of self identity, but I would take the cultural and ethnic vibrancy of the cultural quilt that Toronto has any day over the mild, unspoken xenophobia Montreal has as people subconsciously protect the “identity” of the city?In summary, Toronto is not boring, Montreal is awesome.Montreal is the city of the “now” Toronto is the city of the future.

Pick which ever you like depending on what is better for you.

Of course, Montreal is the best because it’s much more beautiful, diversed, affordable, multicultural, vibrant, modern and enjoyful to live in with the 2nd highest number of restaurants in the entire North America behind New York City.Montreal is one of the best student cities in the world.Montreal is the home to the 2nd highest number of Universities and Colleges in the entire continent of North America behind New York City.Honestly and frankly speaking, if you want a quality of life, jobs with a lot of fun and enjoyment including nightlife you’d better choose Montreal as your perfect destination to live in.Even being a major canadian city, Montreal has lower rents and lower cost of living(accomodation).

In Montreal, you can save a lot of money as compared to toronto.Public transit, car insurance, petrol and gas expenses, grocery, rentals etc., everything is affordable and of better quality in MTL(Montreal).If we ask a question to a canadian resident that if he/she is earning around 50000 CAD$ and where would he/she like to live in/settle?than the vote will honestly go to Montreal.

[Because, there they can enjoy, work and fulfill their dreams by saving a lot of $$ dollars(money)]In Toronto, you will feel a bit similar vibe of New York City, whereas in Montreal you will feel the mixture of New York City and Paris.If New York is bigger, modern, busy and advanced than Paris is the most beautiful, city of lights and love, enjoyful and spectacular.But honestly, Montreal has both of these.If you are standing in Downtown Montreal (Centre-Ville Montréal in french), you will feel a similar vibe of New York City and if you are standing in Old Montreal (Vieux-Montréal in french) you will be obsessed of Paris or France.DID YOU KNOW?

Montreal, Canada is the 2nd largest primarily french speaking city in the developed world after Paris, France.Montreal is home to the tallest inclined tower/structure on the planet.

By all metrics Toronto is a better place to live than Montreal.Toronto has more diverse entertainment, more beaches, more big name acts/shows/speakers that will come to perform in Toronto and ignore Montreal, even some movies will be seen in Toronto and not Montreal although Montreal has a rich source of French productions not seen in Toronto.Toronto has distinct neighborhoods that are open and friendly to everyone.

Every neighborhood has a distinct identity while NDG, Cotes-des-Beiges, the Plateau are indistinguishable from each other – old Montreal and Westmount are the exceptions to the rule.Montreal is quaint with its old architecture that is if you can overlook the many potholes which can destroy your car and send repair bills skyrocketing unless you have an SUV to compensate.The poorly identified signs on every street compounded with construction on all the major roadways doesn’t help, especially when you get caught in traffic and go around in a labyrinthian loop of one way streets.

Let’s not even mention the higher gas prices.It is a known fact that Toronto is much more expensive for lodging but Montreal prices are on the rise because the foreign speculators are looking for affordable opportunities outside of Toronto and a current boom of condo constructions are a clue things are changing.Some people find Montreal charming and its people friendly but I find the city confusing and the people not any friendlier than Torontonians with the exception that Torontonians don’t begrudge you if you don’t speak the language.

I’m one of the many Montrealers who now reside in Toronto.(When writing in English, please avoid using the French or other accent marks.)Let’s look at the good and the bad:Montreal the good:- better transit and no streetcars- better walking city – Toronto is not nearly as pedestrian friendly especially in the center because the streets have generally not been converted to one-way.

There is no best city.Both are unique and special for different reasons.And actually, both are the complete opposite.

Toronto is the financial capital of Canada and the biggest melting pot in the country.With over 200 ethnic communities, it always reminds me of a mini New York.My step father is from there and growing up I always found Toronto to be conservative and a city that errs on the side of caution.

After all, they rejected hosting Expo 67 when offered to them and then came up with Ontario Place in the early 70’s to capture some of that magic for themselves.Montreal is artistic, a melting pot in its own right but with that distinct French flair.Its creative, sensual (in its own way), a blending of the best of north American and European ideas, culture and philosophy.

Montreal does take risks and we have seen it with their hosting of Expo 67 and the 76 Olympics.For years its fortunes were stalled due to the brain drain from the political climate, but now its emerging as a powerhouse in music, the arts in general, food and so much more.Its only fault is its aging infrastructure…which is what happens when the entire city gets a revitalization (all at once) on the lead up to Expo 67 and the Olympics.

You know that this question is socially dangerous being the source of significant conflict between the English and French speaking populations of Canada.Most English speakers will go for Toronto which is viewed by many of its residents as the centre of the known universe.French speakers will go for Montreal citing its joie de vivre, history, culture, proximity to good skiing, and European night life vibe as opposed to the pedestrian money grubbing intensity of Toronto.

I live in Ottawa..Which is between Toronto and Montreal, bilingual, has good skiing, spectacular scenery, tons of romantic history, and is the capital city and centre of political as opposed to economic power.

For which sins both Montreal and Toronto will never forgive us All three cities have hockey teams which are in competition with each other and not doing too well.

They are both wonderful cities, though very different from each other so it depends what you re looking for in a city I guess.One time I was with a friend of mine who is from Montreal; I am from Toronto and have lived here all of my life.We were trying to explain the difference between the two cities to someone else.

I was failing in my explanation of how Montréal is more art and fashion oriented, and how Toronto is more business oriented.

As someone who doesn’t live in either.It’s a toss up.Montreal for culture food and nightlife.

You can’t beat the restaurant in Montreal.One little restaurant off the Bell Centre.I’ll go back there any day and let’s not forget Schwartz’s Deli.

Traffic is bad in Montreal but they got snow removal figured out.Toronto traffic is nuts parking is worse.Street cars are useless.

Both cities are fine for walking around.Good food in Toronto, there is a little steak house around the corner from The Fairmont Royal York the steaks are delicious with a feta tomato olive oil salad outstanding.The theatre district is fabulous.

Sport stadium relatively new.Both cities are modern progressive cities.But I give Toronto an A+ because of the theatre district.

My French is poor but I love the sound of French in open conversation when there.So Montreal gets an A-.

Montreal is beautiful and has a rich history and a strong, proud culture.However, if you don’t speak French, you may find it difficult to find work or a place to live.Although not as prevalent in younger generations, there is a current of anti-Anglo bias that runs along with everyday life.

Toronto is also a really great city.Restaurants, shopping, museums, galleries, the waterfront, festivals, and a true mosaic of people and cultures from around the world.Having said that, it’s not a city without its problems.

There are police officers that abuse their power and authority.The city is working through dealing with gruesome new discoveries of a serial killer.But that’s not to say that either is bad, a few bad people do not a city represent.

Montreal without doubt, fickle mistress that it is over Toronto, the heartless, unforgiving master.As anyone of a certain age witnessed, Toronto benefitted from hundreds of thousands of Montreal’s best and brightest with the flowering of a misbegotten political dream, in the mid-seventies, led by banks, insurance companies & others, demonstrating that money is, indeed, a coward.Prior to that event no Montrealer would think of going to that Puritan backwater other than to visit an ailing aunt in Dundas.

yes, we say TGIF whereas they say TGIM, and there’s no question that if you measure your success in life by your salary alone, Toronto’s your spot, but without breaking down all the elements that give life joy, Montreal is far ahead.

I’d personally never even seriously consider living in Toronto as I find the city ugly and charmless.If you’re really into your business career and enjoy living in an apartment tower, however, you might like it.Montreal, to me, and despite its many flaws, is a super people-friendly city and offers a high quality of life.

It’s easy-going, beautiful and fun.I live on the top floor of a duplex, in a beautiful 6 1/2 apartment, on a gorgeous tree-lined street within easy reach of downtown and all services and my rent is 1050$.

Best for what?Having a happy life?Montreal is surrounded by gorgeous country from the Mountains to the north and the eastern townships to the South sitting on the St Lawrence River.

It has french Canadian culture and a great energy.Speaking French will enable you to enjoy it to the max and find work but it’s not critical.

What are you looking for in a city?If it’s European-style charm, and the choice of taking your own bottle of wine to a restaurant.Montreal.

15 Best Bring Your own Wine Montreal Restaurants (updated!)15 Best Bring Your own Wine Montreal Restaurants (updated!)If it’s the most ethnically diverse city in the world for its size, and a booming metropolis with a great variety of trades and professions, plus a diverse night life, Toronto.

Partly agree with Steven, who present a fair review of both places.On my side, having lived in Montreal all my life, I’d just add that both cities have great and bad things, even though moving to Toronto would probably mean demotion (bucks for lifestyle speaking).Add that Totonto is perhaps “another” large North American city, while Montreal has a little more of an European flavor… But i agree that this is debatable.

French people are more fun and full of life.Someone mentioned bill 101 but if Québec stopped being French , Montreal would be terrible.Montreal has the most students per capita in probably the entire continent.

Montreal is the only city in Canada where you don’t need a car, you can live downtown , and make little money and still have a life.The cost of living versus what you get makes Montreal the best city in.School is essentially free.

Montreal is certainly more historic and beautiful Physically.It’s cultural vibe is undeniably better, more interesting.Toronto is more robust, economically, less concerned with history but more “hip” in the here-and-now.

tTronto is also far more expensive, for real estate.

Well that depends on what is best for you.Toronto is more business focussed, faster paced, more crowded.It is expensive city to live in, everyone chasing a dollar.

Montreal is more laid back, they enjoy life more.

Having lived happily in both for most of my life, I have to say that either have their charm, appeal and their many strengths with very few weaknesses… They are two of the best cities in the world…

Le memeThe sameI have lived as an adult for 29 years in one and 22 in the other.(Montreal first) Both are outstandingly good.

I answered this a few months ago here: Patrick Nantel’s answer to Why is Toronto so popular when Montreal is actually cooler?

As far I am concerned there is no comparison Toronto much better then Montreal but as far real estate Toronto much more expensive.

Toronto .We have NBA, nhl, CFL, MLS, bluejays.Strong market.

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