Which is the best school in Montreal Canada

Which is the best school in Montreal Canada

It really depends on the type of education you are looking for, whether you are looking at private or public, and the language.If you are looking for an English language educatio, does your child qualify for entry into a public English-language education?If not, you would have to go private.

If I take school to mean secondary school, then Trafalgar for girls and Lower Canada College for boys, with West Island College if you’d prefer co-ed (boys and girls together).These are all private, and I have friends with children who are in them or are grads.I don’t know Montreal’s public school system well enough to recommend one out of the hundreds of good public high schools.

This the vaguest question.Do you mean grade school, middle school, high school, college or university?Public or Private?

Religious or Non-denominational?Academic or Professional Training?Boys, Girls or Mixed?

Also – what is your criteria for “best” – Exams and tests?Programs?Students?