Which one of the two main cities in the Midwest Great Lakes region of is better to visit Toronto or Chicago

Which one of the two main cities in the Midwest Great Lakes region of is better to visit Toronto or Chicago

Although I’m admittedly biased, having lived in one and visited the other several times I would say Chicago.Safety shouldn’t be too different between the areas of town that you would visit as a tourist, and Chicago arguably has more historically and cultural significant landmarks than Toronto.For example – the Art Institute, the Museum of Science and Industry, the Field Museum, have no easy equivalent in Toronto.

That isn’t a knock on Toronto, but as a city that grew much later than Chicago – I believe Chicago had 5x the population of Toronto as late as 1920 – it didn’t have quite as much time that Chicago has had to build its cultural institutions.You would also find that Chicago is cheaper than Toronto as far as hotels, food, and activities.Living is of course different, as I’m inclined to say that the average Toronto resident enjoys a better quality of life than the average Chicago resident.

Chicago and Toronto are both vibrant cities with great museums, restaurants, nightlife and lake views.I’ve always said that if I were kicked out of Cleveland, Ohio, USA, I would want to live in either Chicago or Toronto.(The latter would be a greater challenge as I would need a work visa.)

Both cities are larger and more expensive than Cleveland, but share a Great Lakes vibe that you will find throughout the region.Having been to both I would say choosing one to visit will depend on what things you want to do during your trip.You might also want to explore the special events calendars for each city to see if there are any particular events going on when you plan to travel.

If you’ve never seen Niagara Falls and have an interest then that could tip the balance towards Toronto.You can drive to the falls in one and a half hours.This is a tourist destination, but the falls themselves are pretty impressive to see.

From where I live one can drive to Toronto in just under five hours or to Chicago just under six hours.I’ve been to Chicago more often because I’ve traveled there both on business and to visit friends.Both are great places.

It is a bit difficult to choose.If it were me I’d probably pick Toronto simply because I’ve been to Chicago more often.

My vote goes to Toronto.I’ve been there many times and love the city.It seems safer than Chicago and the people are very friendly.

It is cosmopolitan, of course, and has a wonderful music scene.A great visit, in my opinion.Chicago has similar scenes – skyscrapers, a great lake.

culture, shopping, variety of food.

Well, gosh, neither Toronto nor Chicago is a Great Lake.Look at a map.They are cities which border one of the Great Lakes.

Which one to visit depends on why you want to go there.Google them to see which one offers more of what you want!Duh!!