Which Seattle airport is closest to Vancouver Canada

Which Seattle airport is closest to Vancouver Canada

From south to north; SeaTac is Seattle’s passenger airport.It’s south of town near the city of Burien.Boeing Field is almost downtown.

It is heavily used by Boeing and privately owned aircraft.No commercial flight I am aware of.North of Seattle in Everett is the newly expanded Paine Field where commercial flights started this year.

I expect Paine Field to become very popular, no one likes driving through Seattle to get to the airport.Way up next to the border and closest to Vancouver is Bellingham International.

I’m assuming you mean which airport in Washington state is closest to Vancouver, Canada?

Bellingham International Airport: 4255 Mitchell Way, Bellingham, WA 98226, USA There are others further from Vancouver but closer to Seattle – so it depends on what you’re looking for in an “airport”?

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport for commercial flights.There is a new airport in Everett.Paine Field.

Limited commercial service.

SeaTac … if you’re asking about Seattle and not Washington State.

No idea, never been in Seattle, hope can stop by soon