Whiskey stones are clean.

Whiskey stones are easy to clean after being used.If you want to killbacteria on your stones, rinse them in warm water and dish soap.The flavors that have been absorbed by the stones while in the freezer can be removed by soaking them in a mixture of water and vodka.Baking the stones in the oven will remove the flavors from them.

Step 1: Whiskey stones need to be cleaned after every use.

If you do this you will be able to prevent the growth ofbacteria on your stones.It will be difficult to remove the flavors from the freezer with a general cleaning.You can either soak or bake the stones to remove the flavor.The processes are described later.

Step 2: Warm water and dish soap can be used to wash the stones.

Roll the stones back and forth in your hands.Add a few drops of dish soap to the stones that have been removed from the water.Then rinse the soap from the stones.

Step 3: The stones should be dry.

To remove excess water from the stones, use a paper towel or a clean dish towel.The stones should be wiped clean.The stones should be left on the towel for an hour or two.Dry locations, like a clean windowsill, work well for drying stones.

Step 4: The stones should be returned to the freezer.

They have a bag with stones in it.If your stones became dirty even when stored in their bag, you may need to replace them.If you want to protect your stones better, keep them in a sealable baggie or container.The bag that came with your whiskey stones is meant to keep them out of the freezer and prevent them from taking on the flavor of other items.

Step 5: The stones should be soaked in water and vodka.

A quarter of the water should be filled with inexpensive vodka.The stones should be placed in the glass.The stones should be out of the water.Over the course of several hours, stir the contents of the glass.

Step 6: Put the stones in the freezer.

Remove the stones from the water-vodka mixture and wipe them with a paper towel or a clean dish towel.Air dry the stones on a dry paper towel for about an hour.Put the stones in their bag, put them in the freezer, and enjoy them.

Step 7: As necessary, apply the water-vodka mixture again.

You may need to soak your stones more than once in some cases.The water-vodka mixture should be applied if your stones absorb an unwanted flavor from your freezer again.

Step 8: The whiskey stones should be dry.

If necessary, remove your stones from the freezer.If you want to dry the stone, place it in a sunny location for a day or two.Extreme heat is used to remove flavors from your stones.There is a chance that the stones will crack or explode.

Step 9: You can clean your stones with the oven.

Put your stones in the oven.The oven has a self-cleaning cycle.The high heat will remove odors from the stones.Remove the whiskey stones when the oven has cooled and the cycle is over.Whiskey stones can resist the high heat of an oven.If your whiskey stones are made of another type of stone, make sure they can handle high heat.

Step 10: Look at the condition of the stones.

At a time, look over each stone.All sides need to be checked for cracks and breaks.The heat damaged the stones.Rock fragments and shards can be dangerous.