Who owns Cascade Lacrosse?

What are Cascade helmets made of?

As alluded to in the intro of this post, a few months back Cascade released the Cascade S: The shells of lacrosse helmets are now made of injection-molded plastic such as ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic. Some helmets are also made of the same plastics as motorcycle helmets, such as polycarbonate plastics.

Is Cascade coming out with a new helmet?

It's right at the top! The Cascade S helmet is the first new helmet offering from Cascade in six years, and it replaces the R as the best lacrosse helmet in the game. I think this helps explain why it took Cascade around three years to introduce their newest lid, the S helmet, to the lacrosse market.2 Apr 2019

Who founded Cascade Lacrosse?

Bill Brine

Is Cascade releasing a new helmet?

The helmet will be available in Cascade's 48-hour factory custom manufacturing starting June 19th at a retail price of $289. The Cascade S Helmet, the pinnacle of protection, comfort, and vision. check out cascade lacrosse.com for more information. The Cascade S Helmet, the pinnacle of protection, comfort, and vision.18 May 2017

Where are Cascade helmets made?

Liverpool, NY

Is the Cascade R legal?

Until the manufacturers and NOCSAE are able to remedy and re-certify these helmets, the Model R and Regulator are both illegal at all levels of play and by all rules that mandate helmets meet NOCSAE standards and be NOCSAE certified.20 Jan 2015

Does maverik own Cascade?

The Acquisition of Cascade by BAUER expands BAUER's presence in the lacrosse equipment industry, adding the industry's premier line of helmets to the Maverik family of sticks, heads, shafts and protective gear. I would like to welcome the Cascade team to the BAUER family.” ABOUT BAUER PERFORMANCE SPORTS LTD.9 May 2019

Where are Cascade Helmets manufactured?

Cascade designs and manufactures all of its products at its operations in Liverpool, NY, which allows it to provide 48-hour turnaround time for custom helmet orders and over 750,000 different color combinations.9 May 2019

What happened to the Cascade R?

The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) has announced that the Cascade R model lacrosse helmet no longer complies with NOCSAE standard ND041 and that Cascade's certification of compliance on that helmet model only is invalid.2 Dec 2021

How do you tilt on Cascade S?