Why are there so many night clubs in Montreal Quebec

Why are there so many night clubs in Montreal Quebec

Most of Quebec was Rural and heavily influenced by the church many towns in Quebec have a church in the center of town.Everyone knows your business in Montreal it’s a little easier to be anonymous and mix with strangers.Montreal develop differently in always had a Catholic population but also had A diverse ethnic population.

Each group wanted a place where they socialize with their own group.I believe that might be one reason why there are distinct districts for bars in Montreal.Rue Saint Denis on one side of ‘the Main” a Street which divides Montreal was were many French people went to drink.

Crescent Street became the English bar area.Not only did each group want it’s own watering hole.There are some places where there aren’t large numbers of different groups in the 70s the “gay scene “ in Montreal developed I guess a small town there might be a small population “ gay people” Montreal had a large population and I believe there was more open to this in Montreal so that scene started.

I could be wrong.Montreal also developed an image of being a party city I remember one of my friends going up north in the 70s and people talking about” Funkytown “ the idea that montreal that is the place to party.The drinking age in Montreal is 18 so for many Americans who are not 21 Montreal became legal place to drink.they are following a tradition prohibition in the United States and tolerance of bars in Montreal gave Montreal wonderful jazz scene in the 1920s up until the 1950s Montreal had a very tolerant city administration gambling was not legal and police in General turned a blind eye to it gambling joints flourished .

They also had a drink usually ready for the customers.So I’ve been told .In the 60s it was an attempt to clean up Montreal.

There is also one more money in Montreal is always been the business capital of Quebec people were willing to spend that money in restaurants and bars to celebrate their success or forget their troubles.Montreal has a thriving” Irish bar scene “ many Irish people Came to Montreal to escape the potato famine.I guess the short answer is Montrealers have a history of tolerance and enjoying themselves and it is a relatively safe city.Not all Montrealers drink but there is a general tolerance of the bars in Montreal one politician proposed opening them all night.

Because the Cdn.French are party animals.Like many European cultures and Canada as a whole we work hard to play hard.

Work to live not live to work.