Why do new tires have rubber hair on their tread?

There are rubber hairs on tires.Vent spews give away their purpose for being on the tire.Many people think that these hairs play a role in noise reduction, but their primary purpose is air.

The rubber hairs are from tire manufacturing.In a tire mold, rubber is injected and air pressure is used to force the liquid rubber into the nooks and crevices.Small pockets of air need to be able to escape in order for the rubber to fill the mold.

There are small holes in the mold that allow trapped air to escape.A small amount of rubber makes its way out of the vent holes when the air pressure forces liquid rubber into all the orifices.When the tire is removed from the mold, the rubber bits stay attached.

The tire hairs’ presence is an indication that a tire is new.The environmental effects will eventually wear off the tires that have been in service for a while.