Why do people think going to Quebec to learn French is the same thing as going to London to learn British English?

Why do people say going to Quebec to learn French is like going to London to learn English Whats wrong with British English

The Brits would find this view biased becauseQuebec is a relatively small territory.

Quebec French is a brand of French that is very different from the French spoken in France, willy-nilly is considered mainstream by the French speaking community.

The similarity between Quebec French and London British English is due to the fact that the world’s entire English-speaking community is English.

The decline of Quebec French and Queen’s English is a reference to learn from, so if the statement was actually referring to the Cockney accent/dialect, nobody would understand you a few miles from the City.

British English comes from England in Great Britain, so what can be wrong with it?

When I live in France, I meet people who speak English with an American accent, but the other French people don’t understand, so this presents a big disadvantage for them.

It’s silly to compare a single city with 9 million people to a province with 8 million people.

Dick van Dyck’s attempt at a cockney accent in Mary Poppins did not match the accent of most Londoners.

There is a great difference between dialects and accents in the British Isles.

The Londoners don’t pronounce their vowels correctly, so the word “butter” sounds like “ba’er”

The U sounds like a soft A and the double T is not as pronounced as it should be.

Lancastrians, a small group to the west of Yorkshire, would saybootter.

I find the accent of people in the North of York to be difficult to understand. I recall a man in the East of London telling me the people there had no accent.

99% of the English would benefit from elocution lessons because they do not speak Queens English.

London is not a good place to learn English because it is a cosmopolitan place with many people who do not speak English as their mother tongue.

If you want to hear a standard English, which is spoken by the educated and the media, you should head north to the university city of Cambridge.

I find it hard to understant that Canadian is not spken. I am proficient in French and find it hard to understant that accent.

British English is spoken in many countries, probably because of the large number of countries in the Commonwealth with ties to England, but to me it is regional.

It would be more appropriate to say that going to Quebec to learn French is like going to the US to learn English.

Thank you for this interesting quote, I came to know it through you.

If you want to learn the language, you have to go to London, but there is no point in going if you don’t want to.

The scientist are exploring the bottom of the sea to beyond our solar system and it is said that you must strive for knowledge and go for it wherever your quest leads to.

Going to Quebec to learn French is similar to going to London to learn English.

Both Quebec and London are capital cities in different countries.

If you want to learn a language in the country where they speak it, you should go where they speak it.

There is nothing wrong with any language in any locale where it is spoken as an official language.However, the pronunciation and grammar will have differences, ranging from subtle to obvious, which stand out to anyone other than that locale.

Some people think that the language that is spoken in a particular place is the best, while others think that the language is what makes it work.

I’ve never heard anyone say that, but learning English in London can give you a biased accent.

In Europe, we would prefer to learn English in England than the US.